LinkedIn reveals who users think are the best Australian startups to work for, and tech ventures don’t rank highly

- September 22, 2021 2 MIN READ

Business networking site LinkedIn has revealed its 2021 top Australian startups list of the 25 most sought-after startups to work for. The annual ranking list is sourced from key data points on the platform, covering employee growth, jobseeker interest, and member engagement with the company and its employees; as well as how much the startups… Read more »

David Hyman, Lendi

THE BIG JAB: Fintech leaders are rallying startup founders to offer paid vaccination leave to staff

- July 20, 2021 2 MIN READ

The founders of leading local fintechs, including Prospa, Zip, Athena Home Loans and Honey Insurance will offer paid vaccination leave for all permanent employees, joining a campaign to encourage other Australian company owners to do the same. David Hyman, co-founder and CEO of Lendi Group is behind the push, dubbed the Great Aussie Vaccine Drive, saying… Read more »

The Right Fit founder Taryn Williams

Entrepreneursh*t: behind the glamour, here’s the unsexy truth you need to know about being a startup founder

- May 31, 2021 3 MIN READ

Entrepreneurship is pretty glamorous for those who haven’t done it. The shiny awards. “30 under 30”, the media write ups of the money raised, the new markets you’ve entered, the hard won partnerships you’ve secured. Jetting around the country and/or world for conferences, meetings, posting photos from airport lounges. Outsiders constantly telling you ‘Wow, you’re… Read more »


6 Australian startup leaders share how they’ll be celebrating Christmas with their teams

- December 16, 2020 4 MIN READ

Humans are inherently social animals, which made 2020 one of the hardest years in living memory, especially for the closely-knit teams of small startups. Thankfully, the year is ending on a high note in Australia with infections stopped after some painfully long lockdowns and the borders reopening. Victorians will celebrate the start of 2021 by… Read more »