MilkRun’s failure: was this just a startup fantasy in a country like Australia?

- April 17, 2023 3 MIN READ

Sydney-based startup MilkRun made a big splash with its promise to deliver groceries within ten minutes, raising more than A$85 million from some of the biggest names in Australian venture capital, including Atlassian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes. MilkRun’s co-founder and chief executive Dany Milham had already found success with fast-delivering mattress company Koala. Less than a… Read more »

Turkey vultures, scavenging on Californian beach

3 reasons why Silicon Valley Bank went belly up

- March 15, 2023 4 MIN READ

The Santa Clara, California-based Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has collapsed. This is the second-largest banking failure in US history and the largest failure since the Global Financial Crisis. The US government has stepped in to protect depositors. The government will not bail out SVB. Shareholders are not protected. The deposit protection is funded by a special impost… Read more »

Climate Tech

GASLIGHTED: Mike Cannon-Brookes scores emphatic win as AGL dumps demerger plan. So what happens next?

- May 30, 2022 4 MIN READ

Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes has won a major battle against Australia’s biggest energy company, AGL Energy, thwarting its plan to split up the company’s coal-heavy generation and power distribution assets. AGL’s board announced it was dumping its demerger proposal this morning. Heads have rolled too. Chief executive Graeme Hunt, chairman Peter Botten and non-executive director Jacqueline… Read more »