When do I need to charge my customers GST?

- November 6, 2014 2 MIN READ

The acronym ‘GST’ gets thrown around a lot, and is generally tied up with another acronym – the ‘BAS’. From a tax and compliance angle, GST is one of the big things you’ve got to get right – if you stuff it up, the ATO can turn around and ask you to pay more tax – in the form of additional GST payments. So what exactly is GST? and when do you need to start charging customers GST?


Contractors and Tax: What is the 80/20 Rule?

- September 11, 2014 2 MIN READ

So you’ve decided to go out on your own. You may be a marketing / IT / Events / PR / Human Resources consultant. You’ve just landed your first client – check! It’s a big client too – even better. This means that most of your company income will come from the one customer. Makes no difference for tax, right? Wrong.


Accounting and tax for Bitcoin in Australia

- March 7, 2014 4 MIN READ

With Bitcoin use increasing in Australia, there has been little guidance to date from the ATO and other regulatory authorities about the accounting and tax treatment of this payment method. So we have put together a list of some of the key accounting and tax questions you may have when using Bitcoin.


Tax: When do I need to worry about…?

- September 23, 2013 3 MIN READ

There are so many different tax requirements that startups need to worry about. From when to pay GST to when to lodge a tax return to when to start paying superannuation€, the list starts to get very exhaustive.