Q&A Kahne Raja from Musomap

- May 13, 2013 2 MIN READ

Kahne Raja lives and breathes music, so, he had the idea one day to bring the musicians of the world together through the internet. We talk to him about Musomap, World Musician Day and Google.


Q&A with James Duchenne from mplifyr

- May 2, 2013 5 MIN READ

If you can name it then James Duchenne has done it. From aeronautical engineering to a masters degree in law to a role in commercial waste management. He has a resume which is both diverse and interesting. Lately James has been working on a brand new startup called mplifyr- a one-of-kind rewards platform that allows businesses to build their own, customized rewards program. We talked to him about mplifyr and how its all going.


AAPT Partners with OrionVM for Cloud Delivery

- April 24, 2013 2 MIN READ

AAPT, Australia’s leading wholesale and business grade telecommunications carrier, has selected OrionVM’s locally-developed wholesale cloud platform to complement its existing private cloud strategy. The Connect Cloud Platform, powered by OrionVM, is being delivered through Connect.com.au.


Q&A James Chung, founder Lash Creative

- April 9, 2013 4 MIN READ

James Chung, the founder of Lash Creative is extremely direct. He doesn’t mince words and when he asks a question, you can see his brain ticking over with pluses and minuses, trying to discern the point. As he himself shrugs ‘I’m a bit of a skeptic’. But this is a good thing in a town where people will tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. We sat down and talked to him about being successful, keeping clients happy and voice recognition.


Q&A with Zara Choy: Coalition of Mischief

- April 2, 2013 4 MIN READ

Zara Choy wants to change the world, just a little bit differently. Setting up Coalition of Mischief with her co-founder Kevin, they aim to help social causes with a side of creativity. How do they plan to do that? We talk to her about social causes, not-for-profits and nerdy apps.


Q&A with MyNappies Cofounder Toby Shulz

- March 12, 2013 4 MIN READ

The question of the day is: Can a childless nineteen year old run a successful baby supply store? Toby Schulz, the co-founder of MyNappies says yes and his customers from around Australia are voting with their feet as well.


Q&A with David Wei from Venuemob

- March 1, 2013 4 MIN READ

David Wei has two successful startups under his belt and the blessings of both GroupOn and Optus, so from the outside in, it looks like the easy life for David! But of course, anyone who’s ever run their own business knows it’s never all smooth sailing and rose-smelling. We talk to David about some of the challenges in pulling together a team, the Sydney vs Melbourne debate and pitching for Innov8.


Q&A with Joel Hauer from WeCo

- February 19, 2013 3 MIN READ

Sometimes we forget that the Sydney city centre is not the centre of the world. Co-working spaces and incubator hubs are popping up left, right and centre outside Sydney metro, making the commute for many tech workers much easier. WeCo, set in the Eastern Suburbs locale of Edgecliff, is due to launch sometime next week. We talk to Joel Hauer, the co-founder of WeCo and get the lowdown on the new space and how it came about.


Q&A with Roger Qui from Polycademy

- February 5, 2013 4 MIN READ

First session has started in Canberra’s Polycademy and Roger Qiu is envisioning a graduate class of accomplished coders and designers in 11 weeks time. We catch up with the founder of Polycademy and find out where the idea came from and what it takes to run a budding development school in Canberra.


Q&A James Alexander of Incubate

- February 4, 2013 4 MIN READ

While we were holidaying over summer, James Alexander and the startups of Incubate were hard at work pulling their businesses together for a February launch date. And their hard work is about to pay off with everyone getting ready for Demo Day on February the 27th. This is actually the first time that Incubate has run their Incubator program and so in their own way, Incubate is following a startup path. We talked to James about how Incubate came to be and you can be part of it next round.


Q&A Ned Moorefield from GoCatch

- January 30, 2013 5 MIN READ

Andrew Campbell and Ned Moorfield from goCatch saw an industry that was ripe for disruption and decided that was a gap that needed to be filled. The media loved it, the taxi industry not so much, and almost everyone had an opinion on the state of paid transport in NSW. We talked to Ned Moorfield about goCatch, where it is now and how it’s managed to stay successful.


Startup Interview: Matt Barnett from Vimily

- November 16, 2012 5 MIN READ

Have you ever wondered what your grandparents were like as children? Do your parents have amazing stories about their own adolescence? If you’re interested in recording your family history in an easy and interactive way, you should try Vimily. Vimily helps you and your family build, capture and share your life stories with unique family tree software. We chat to Matt Barnett, the co-founder of Vimily on startups, crossbows and making people cry.


Interview: Parking Made Easy

- October 23, 2012 4 MIN READ

Parking in Sydney is a pain, it’s one of the few things that really detracts from our beautiful city. But it’s a problem to be expected especially since every year our population expands just that little bit more. Rather than just being annoyed by it, Daniel Battaglia had the idea that he could do something about it and so he came up with the website Parking Made Easy.