Amazon Launchpad has arrived

Amazon Launchpad went live in Australia on 6 August, 2019.

The store gives startups with retail brands the ability to tackle one of the biggest challenges they face after developing their idea to MVP – taking those products to market with the assistance of Amazon’s retail expertise and infrastructure.

More than 150 local and international brands are featured on Amazon Launchpad in Australia. It’s essentially a store within the store, offering custom product pages and the ability for startup founders to tell their brand’s story. Amazon Australia assists them with marketing support and access to Amazon’s local fulfilment network, including Amazon Prime.

Startup Daily believes this a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to share their stories and grow their businesses by finding new customers Australia-wide, and perhaps, internationally down the track.

We’ve spoken to some of those startup founders about their journey and how they plan to use Amazon Launchpad to hopefully take their businesses to the next level.

We hope their stories inspire you, along with our coverage of Amazon Launchpad’s arrival in Australia.

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