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Makeup startup Luk Beautifood launches new all-in-one hybrid skin tints

- March 3, 2023 2 MIN READ
Luk Beautifood
Luk Beautifood
When it comes to foundation alternatives, skin tints are the latest innovation in effortless, ‘everyday’ mineral makeup. 

Lightweight, breathable, and precisely pigmented, they serve to even skin tone, blur imperfections and add a sheer wash of natural-looking colour to the face.

Consumers are increasingly seeking beauty products that combine both cosmetic and skincare benefits. Pioneers of the space natural cosmetics brand Luk Beautifood has launched its Instant Glow Tinted Complexion Balm — a collection of 100% natural, all-in-one nourishing skin tints. 

Luk Beautifood

Luk Beautifood

The lightweight and breathable ‘second skin’ formula offers customisable coverage with skin-adjusting mineral pigments and is infused with ultra-fine lustre crystals to blur imperfections, even tone, and create a healthy glow.

The Instant Glow Tinted Complexion Balm contains a host of natural ingredients such as antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins. 

To balance the skin’s microbiome and fight against acne-causing bacteria, the balm is enriched with Noni plant stem cells. 

Available in six debut shades engineered to adapt to different skin tones, the Australian-made, vegan-friendly, and synthetic-free range is non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic. 

New skin tints

Skin tints are the latest innovation in mineral makeup. They serve to even skin tone and add a sheer wash of colour to the face while blurring imperfections and maintaining the aesthetic qualities of natural-looking skin.  Luk Beautifood has also launched its first-ever skin tint, the Instant Glow Tinted Complexion Balm. 

Each of the six debut shades is infused with skin-adjusting mineral pigments for an effortless colour match and celebrates a return to simple and convenient on-the-go cosmetics. 

The lightweight and breathable balm layers with Luk Beautifood’s existing offering of natural lipsticks, chubby crayons, illuminisers, and lip care products. 

Eco packaging 

Luk Beautifood has introduced its first hybrid skin tint, the Instant Glow Tinted Complexion Balm, as part of its pledge to the Modern Beauty Standard, which advocates for waste minimization and environmental preservation in the beauty industry.

Luk beautifood

Luk beautifood

Utilising Forest Stewardship Certified paper, water-based varnish, and vegetable inks, each box is made from 90% renewable materials, including sugarcane and wood, and can be ethically discarded via standard home kerbside recycling programs. 

Providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics, each tube is constructed using bio polyethylene, a plant-based bio-plastic, and is complemented with a 100% PCR dispensing pump and cap. 

In partnership with TerraCycle, a post-consumer waste initiative, all hard components can be recycled.

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