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Alexa, I’m drinking: keep me sober

- May 30, 2022 2 MIN READ
Carl Hartmann
Lyre's co-founder Carl Hartmann

Australian startup and no alcohol spirits brand Lyre’s has toasted a tech partnership with Amazon Alexa to keep the cocktails flowing, but your mind clear.

By saying “Alexa, open make it a Lyre’s”, people can follow Alexa’s prompts to make their favourite cocktail, sans booze, at their own pace. The Amazon platform will even play background music to help set the mood.

Users are initially prompted to name a cocktail or spirit they enjoy, such as an espresso martini, negroni or cosmopolitan and Alexa will  recommend the Lyre’s non-alcoholic alternative, reading out the booze-free recipe, one step at a time. You can even follow the recipe on an Alexa-enabled smart screen device or navigate it hands free via an Alexa-enabled smart speaker by asking, “Alexa, what’s next”.

Lyre’s co-founder Mark Livings said the tutorial shares the best proportions for each ingredient, along with the right measurement of mixers, garnishes, and syrups to deliver the closest possible match to the original cocktail or spirit, all minus the alcohol (and calories too).

Customers will also have the option and to add products to their Amazon cart.

“We’ve seen the rise of the at-home bartender alongside a huge uptake in non-alcohol trial and consumption,” Livings said.

“But there are nuances in preparation and service when it comes to creating a non-alcoholic version of your favourite drink that require education and trial; which is where Alexa comes in. We’re hugely excited to provide our cocktail recipes for Alexa to inspire more cocktail creativity at home, keeping the taste and social constructs of enjoying good drinks, simply without the hangover.”

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits now has 18 alcohol-free classic spirits in its range, as well as five ready-to-drink cans and a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. The business was founded in 2019 and in November last year raised $37 million on a $500 million valuation.

His co-founder, Carl Hartmann, said they’d seen new customers coming to the category without a lot of cocktail experience constantly looking up recipes online.

“We wanted to make that experience smarter, sleeker and more fun for our customers, making Alexa that clever bartender partner that’s on call whenever you’re ready to entertain,” he said.

Alexa International director Michele Butti said the partnership with Lyre’s was an exciting way to extend Alexa’s skills to the bar.

“We’re excited to be working with innovative brands like Lyre’s to enable the launch of their new skill for Alexa, adding great recipes for alcohol free, guilt-free, cocktails customers can make at home,” he said.