Untangled brand strategist Danish Chan on the 5 key issues CMOs will be thinking about in 2022

- December 20, 2021 2 MIN READ
Danish Chan
Untangled co-founder Danish Chan
Danish Chan is co-founder and strategy director at research design and strategic development firm Untangld.

He is one of the most awarded creative and brand strategists in the world, having worked with the likes of Virgin Atlantic, Fedex, and Coca Cola.

We asked him about what chief marketing officers will be thinking about in 2022.

Chan singled out five key areas CMOs will focus on.

Here are his thoughts:

Post-pandemic consumer behaviour

Research and strategies will be embarked on across every category as CMOs and marketing departments look to understand and take advantage of the shifts in attitudes and behaviours after what has been a turbulent 2 years.

The triple bottom line

As brands continue to connect with audiences on a cultural and values basis, we’ll see a doubling down on how being sustainable and socially active can be good for profit.

But if you hear anyone say the word authentic, pretend to have connection issues and leave the Zoom room.

What consumer data should I track?

As brands find it harder to access user-level data because of privacy regulation, the deprecation of third-party cookies by Google and Apple’s move to require users to opt-in to ad tracking by mobile apps, marketing leaders will need to look at how this impacts spend and experience.

How do we take advantage of the new digital commerce ecosystem?

COVID has fast-tracked digital commerce, which has led to significant changes in how marketers spend money and structure their teams.

From the rise of DTC, subscription, social commerce, how do we make buying a natural part of, well, everything?

Accessibility, safety and well-being

As customer and brand experience remain a top priority for CMOs and marketing departments alike, part of that push will be looking at how your brand is enabling accessibility, driving inclusivity and championing a better state of wellbeing.