The Melbourne startup ecosystem just filled a significant gap in the local stock photo market

- October 30, 2017 2 MIN READ

Last Thursday That Startup Show, in partnership with City of Melbourne and with the support of a variety of startup players in the Victorian market, launched a new library of stock photos specifically for use by startups and related projects in the local Australian ecosystem.

Launching with seven categories – Accelerators, Biotech, Coworking, In the City, Laneways, Makers, and Media Tech ,the library of images is globally accessible, showcasing the Melbourne startup ecosystem in particular on the world stage.

Hosted online via That Startup Show, businesses using content are instructed to give appropriate credit as well as provide a link to the license and indicate if changes were made. The images and content cannot be used for commercial purposes.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the City of Melbourne to make startup culture visible through the Melbourne Startup Photo Library and to create a valuable resource for startups to showcase their work,” Anna Reeves, CEO and cofounder of That Start Up Show said.

“Visibility of the different faces of entrepreneurship is critical to the development of a strong, diverse, and inclusive startup ecosystem. We are what we see. We are thankful to the real life participants from the startup community for collaborating on this project, the first of what we hope will be many more to come with other regions across Australasia.”

The stock image market in general has seen an enormous shakeup in the last two years with startups like Unsplash, Startup Stock Photo, and Pexels fast becoming go-to sites for designers and businesses working on creative projects, above industry stalwarts Getty Images, Shutterstock, and iStock Photo.

Unsplash is a particular standout with over 25,000 contributing photographers around the globe and more than a billion image impressions per month.

The Startup Photo Library can be accessed for free here: startupphotolibrary.thatstartupshow.tv 

Featured Image | City of Melbourne/ That Startup Show / Photographer Wren Steiner