Tank Stream Labs teams up with Australiance for startup internship program

- January 15, 2021 < 1 MIN READ
Australiance founder Leo Denes and Tank Stream Labs CEO Bradley Delamare
How the next generation gets a taste of startup life is about to change with Tank Stream Labs and talent acquisition and internship venture Australiance teaming up to launch an internship program for the startup community.

The partnership will give startups that are Tank Stream Labs members and alumni access to a ‘pool’ of interns with different skillsets, from marketing to software development and business operations.  The internships can last for up to six months.

Tank Stream Labs CEO Bradley Delamare said the program offers an affordable resource option to startups.

“I have seen first hand the value to students of providing internship placements. Start ups are the ideal learning environment for interns as the roles are usually dynamic, fast-paced and offer a variety of experiences in such a short period of time,” he said

“I am a big believer in intern programs. Over the years Tank Stream Labs have run intern programs and hired students on a full time basis as a result of these programs.”

Delamare said that while the students take their first steps into the professional sphere, internships also benefit the companies, who have the chance to try out someone different to their normal hires. 

Australiance founder Leo Denes said that in 2020, more than a third of the interns in his company’s program were offered a permanent position before the end of their internship. 

“On-the-job experience will make a key difference for young talents in their job market entry and companies will value to be able to keep young talents after having developed them through an internship,” he said. 

For details on the internship program for startups and to apply, click here.



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