Sunrise host David Koch sets 3 alarms and wakes at 3.47am – here’s how he starts his day

- July 31, 2019 3 MIN READ
According to the experts what you do first thing in the morning has the greatest impact on the success of the rest of your day.

In this series Flying Solo asked business leaders what rituals they use to kickstart their systems before getting on with work for the day.

David Koch is host of Channel 7’s Sunrise breakfast program and the owner of  Startup Daily’s parent company, Pinstripe Media. Our sister publication, Flying Solo, spoke to him about how his morning ritual.


Do you action/plan/do anything specific to prepare for the morning the night before?

I choose what I’m wearing and put it on the door handle of the spare room so I don’t have to disturb Libby when I get up.

For Sunrise, I’ll go through the rundown planned for the next morning and read the research briefings from producers for the segments planned.

For Pinstripe, I’ll jot down a ‘to-do” list of the most important things I want to achieve in the business for the next day.


What time do you wake up? And how?

The first alarm next to the bed goes off at 3.47am while the second (battery operated) is set for 3.55am but on a table away from the bed so I have to physically get up to turn it off.

I set my smartphone alarm for 4am as a failsafe which is in the next room.

Yes, I’m paranoid about sleeping in! It’s only happened once during my 17 years on Sunrise and this was the system I put into place after that mishap.

While our house is about 35 minutes away, because of my schedule with Pinstripe and AFL commitments as President of Port Adelaide, during the week we rent an apartment in the city 3 minutes from the studio so I can balance my life a bit better.


What is the VERY first thing you do after you wake up? If you eat, what do you eat?

Shower and shave in the bathroom and then out to the lounge room for a 9-minute work out routine which gets me moving. The focus is on neck, shoulders, upper body and posture. Lower body is about hamstrings and hips.

The only equipment I use is an exercise band which means there is no excuse not to complete the program no matter whether I’m at home or away in a hotel.

I have a banana on the way to work and breakfast at 6.30am (during the news) … a bowl of 2 poached eggs, avocado, tomato and feta.


What is your first drink of the day? Where are you when you’re drinking it?

A big glass of water and a Yakult at home, more water when I arrive at the studio, black coffee at 5.30am when we start on-air. Lemon and ginger tea with breakfast.


What part of your morning routine makes you feel the best?

Definitely the 9 minute workout routine. It’s an idea I picked up when interviewing Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey. I asked my trainer (who I workout with every Tuesday and Thursday morning) to develop a “no-fail” routine for me, and its changed my life.

What part of the routine could you really live without?

I’m a very routine and process driven person. For me routine reduces stress and minimises decision fatigue. I hate anything which disrupts my routine…

I can live without surprises and changes from the routine. For example, if I get woken by our overnight producers to get into work early because of an event breaking overseas, I get completely thrown.


Describe your ideal morning

Weekends when I can sleep in and wake slowly.


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