Remote working collaboration startup #stratapp solves the problem of dealing with too many apps every day

- November 10, 2020 2 MIN READ
#stratapp founders Marten Jagers and Ash Richardson
The average Australian worker now has to deal with more than 15 apps daily according to a new startup hoping to deal with the problem of being overwhelmed while working remotely.

Brisbane-based tech company #stratapp found that people working from home felt increasingly disconnected from the pace and flow of the office, in part because of the number of apps they’re required to engage with across finance, service, support, HR, time, collaboration, meetings, projects and tasks.

#stratapp co-founder Ash Richardson said problem for employees is there are too many apps they need to jump in and out of throughout their day. 

“The hardest thing for any leader is to keep their remote workers, contractors, partners, suppliers and in-office staff moving together in the same direction—and not just aligned, but also motivated, engaged and really believing in what the company is trying to accomplish,” he said.

“Employers lament that they’ve got an app for everything, but nothing that truly enables the collaborative formulation of strategic plans and inclusive execution by distributed teams. Consequently, a leader could be touching a dozen or more apps and still be in the dark about what’s really going on in the company, or where they can add the most value.”

His startup is the solution, offering a white-label all-in-one digital workspace they launched in January this year. The B2B SaaS app creates a digital workspace for: ideation, planning, strategy, execution and collaboration and works with the likes of Slack, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and Google Drive. 

Richardson said the #stratapp all-in-one concept began as a research project a decade earlier that was evaluating business apps. 

“We asked ourselves, why haven’t these brilliant tech innovations of the last 10 years been applied to achieve strategy execution in an inclusive way that aligns and engages everyone?,” he explained.

The result is an app that’s “everything you need to start, manage and grow the organisation—aligning and motivating your teams on strategy execution—all from a single workspace”. 

Co-founder Marten Jagers said they designed #stratapp to empower collaborations across “the leadership cycle”. They identified six key elements of collaboration as part of the cycle: live meeting notes, files and links; ideas and challenges; initiative/project workboards; tasks and sub-tasks; and risk management.

“All six are built into #stratapp, creating one seamless digital workspace for everyone, yielding time and cost savings on integrations, minimisation of app switching, and the near elimination of data silos and their potential for causing misalignment,” he said.

“The #stratapp concept is to radically simplify how a company achieves what it sets out to do. We see our mission as aligning everyone, at all levels and wherever they choose to work from, in one digital workspace that balances strategic initiatives and daily work.”

The full-featured #stratapp offering carries costs $4.90 to $6.90 a month per user.

Richardson said #stratapp can cut an employer’s per-user SaaS fees by a factor of 17 to 35 and works for companies with anything from five to 5000 or more employees. 

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