Queensland startup iCompLii is a cloud compliance solution for highly-regulated industries

- December 18, 2015 3 MIN READ

Sending through all your work credentials via email seems like an age old tradition, but it’s still the way we do it. On average workers send anywhere between 6 to 13 emails when taking on a new job, which can be quite a laborious task. But it doesn’t end there – HR hates chasing up all your medical certificates by going back and forth between emails.

iCompLii is a Queensland startup that offers a platform for workers to put all their certificates, details and resumes in one place. Their online platform ensures that workers compliance is up to date and offers real-time access to all stakeholders, including supervisors, trainers and administration staff.

“We’ve created a compliance management system that revolutionises the way compliance is handled in highly regulated industries,” said cofounder of iCompLii, Jason Knight.

Self imposed compliance is a $250 billion industry in Australia, which spans across various sectors including civil and construction, transport, aviation, and healthcare. iCompLii works to lower the company level cost of compliance and helps companies to remain safe and efficient.

“Why we’re important to people is that what we’re really doing is creating a portable digital resume and that’s essentially for them, they can now keep all their certificates and identifications in one place, which in the past no one’s ever been able to do,” said Knight.

The iCompLii platform can also be used to recruit candidates whose qualifications are independently verified to ensure that workers are pre-qualified for vacancies. This ultimately lowers the administrator’s workload in times of onboarding and allows them to hand pick candidates that have expressed interest in working for the company. iCompLii’s database is rapidly growing in users and profile holders, with more than 65,000 pre-registered users.

The platform in the only cloud compliance system in Australia that focuses on managing an individual’s compliance throughout their working career. All compliance is updated in real-time, providing employees with a complete history and current perspective of a worker’s profile.

“You put everything on our site that you need to start a new job. You put in your clothes size, details, emergency contact details, certificates for work, in a white collar environment or in a blue collar environment. All of the stuff you have to give your boss is there, so you don’t have to do anything to maintain that,” explained Knight.

The idea for iCompLii came through MiningLink, a company launched in 2011. MiningLink has became Australia’s most popular digital media outlet for mining and resource news and updates, averaging 200,000 users per month and a current social reach of between 2-7 million people per week. While becoming a highly influential voice in the Australian resource sector, MiningLink found a new way to provide individuals and businesses with compliance management through iCompLii. The new company has been on a soft launch for two years and is now ready to raise funds and expand Australia-wide.

“We’re managing people’s and companies’ compliance by creating profiles for each worker in a way that is portable and goes from business to business, training to training. That way we can not only find the people that we need when we need them but we can also upskill the ones that are close to being the right ones,” explained Knight.

iCompLii works through a subscription model, offering compliance and recruitment packages to members. Basic membership starts at $99 per month and includes a business page listing on MiningLink websites, six posts a year to a network of 300,000 plus social users, and an opportunity for members to add their business to iCompLii.

The system is designed with drop down lists for users to build up their profile and data match with companies that suit their qualifications. For workers who are not tech savvy there is also an option to request a manual kit, where details can be filled out by hand and sent back to iCompLii in a pre-paid envelope where iCompLii will manually build a profile for them. iCompLii also validates and verifies all data in its systems.

Knight and his team are in the process of finalising a series A funding round and expect a raise of $5-7 million, which will help them to expand and grow into a premium product. For the next seven months the company will target the mining industry to prove the credibility of their service. They then expect to branch out into all industry areas that require compliance and certificates.

Image: Dave McVicar, Christina Terry, Madie Chapman, Jason Knight, Mick Carew, Tom Uhlhorn, Nic Sattler, Brendan Knight  and Josh Conaghan. Source: Supplied