Optimizely founder Dan Siroker names the startups he’s watching out for

- September 25, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

Between investigative podcasts and interactive articles, the nature of the media is undergoing constant change, spurred on by the digital age. Media companies both niche and global are no stranger to this process, including the New York Times, an organisation which testing startup Optimizely helped make the leap from paper to online.

According to Dan Siroker, Optimizely’s founder, assisting the media giant is one of his proudest moments.

As an increasing number of media companies look to adapt to the changing landscape by innovating their models, the sector has become a big focus for the company – although it’s not the only industry “sweet spot”.

Launching in 2009, Optimizely emerged in the midst of various industries, including media, taking the steps to digitise their offerings. There was also a newfound interest in areas of development that were previously less focused on, such as usability.

Now, Siroker said there are entirely new “paradigm shifts” businesses are looking to navigate.

Living in the United States, Siroker has seen the rise and fall of a number of startups. His eye on the market, Siroker named a handful of tech businesses to watch out for.

Image: Dan Siroker. Source: Supplied.