Optimizely cofounder Dan Siroker discusses how “hippo syndrome” can block innovation

- October 4, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

With the company seeing increased uptake of its service in the Australian market, August saw Dan Siroker, cofounder of testing and experimentation platform Optimizely, travel to Sydney to establish the startup’s presence in APAC with the opening of a local office.

Touring the city, Siroker said he had seen a lot of companies undergoing digital transformation, such as Fairfax Media, an Optimizely customer.

“I think that Australia is a great market for us. The companies here embrace that innovative mindset,” he told Startup Daily.

The alternative to embracing innovation, according to Siroker, is a culture of business that is focused on having the right answers, rather than asking the right questions – something he calls “hippo syndrome”.


While regional Australia is often talked about as a growth spot for new startups, we typically don’t hear about what’s happening across regional areas internationally, including in the United States.

Discussing if he has noticed any difference between metro and regional startups, Siroker said he’s identified a key issue among some metro businesses, who opt to search for a problem post-launch, rather than beforehand.

Regional startups, on the other hand, tend to have a clear focus in mind, according to Siroker.


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Image: Dan Siroker. Source: Supplied.

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