Why we need to celebrate the power and brave ideas of deep tech

- July 5, 2024 3 MIN READ
Morse Micro cofounder Michael De Nil. Image: supplied
Deep tech ventures are capable of creating global impact.

They bring unrivalled improvements in living standards for citizens, such as lengthening average life expectancy, creating jobs and opportunities, and raising wealth. And they can also generate massive social, environmental, and financial returns for Australia specifically, including building long-term economic growth and resilience.

Deep tech currently presents a historic opportunity for reinvention and economic gain for Australia – if we choose to be bold and are willing to think about the systemic levers of change.

For instance, what do Wi-Fi microprocessors, drone-mapping software, and 3D bioprinting have in common?

They are all deep tech solutions developed by Australian startups, Morse Micro (2017), Propeller Aero (2014), Inventia Life Sciences (2018), and Samsara Eco (2023) who have presented at Tech23 over the years.

These are some of Australia’s deep tech success stories, representing a new industrial revolution, where platform technologies, breakthrough science, and advanced infrastructures are changing the ways we live and work, and our relationship with the planet.

Cicada x Tech23

Cicada Innovations CEO Sally-Ann Williams

Cicada x Tech23 is about introducing you to groundbreaking technologies and visionary leaders who are leading that change for people, for the planet and for our collective prosperity.

This will be the second year that Cicada will celebrate and amplify radical innovators as the new custodians of this long-running vanguard festival of groundbreaking innovation and brave ideas in deep tech.

Cicada’s mission has always been to champion the deep tech sector, help startups grow, and make Australia a leader in deep tech innovation.

Tech23 has served as the fabric of so many startups’ foundational stories and, again this year, we invite you to join us in supporting and uplifting a new generation of deep tech leaders.

Systems not siloes

To truly understand the impact of deep tech, it is essential we think systemically and not just in terms of incremental improvements, individual technologies, or silos.

By its very nature deep tech has broad applications and can be used in multiple sectors.

For instance, space technologies can be used to monitor agricultural conditions, 3D printing can create customised medical implants and prosthetics, and synthetic biology can engineer new organisms to produce biofuels and novel materials.

At the upcoming Cicada x Tech23 event on Wednesday, August 7, you will learn about 23 innovations, solutions, and approaches with the potential to help Australia become a global growth machine, through the creation of greater economic wealth and more jobs.

But this is not your traditional startup pitchfest. Cicada x Tech23 emphasises in-depth discussions around 23 startups, organised into themed streams that anticipate the future opportunities and challenges for Australia and the world.

It is an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with the founders to learn about their mission and vision for the future, and get to know the people behind the technology. You will gain invaluable insights into the challenges they’re tackling, and the systems and solutions we need to create positive change across industries and for Australia.

You will come away uplifted, inspired. But we will need you to think big…

Radical belief necessary

What deep tech and Australia really needs is true believers, optimists, and a connected deep tech village that is committed to nurturing these deep tech startups into globally impactful businesses.

Our goal is to foster more productive and collaborative relationships and set the stage for long-term partnerships that benefit everyone involved. So…

So come along to this once-a-year event, and lean in. Unlock your networks. Share your knowledge. Become a part of their success story.

If just these 23 companies succeed, the world will be a dramatically better place.

And isn’t that worth getting behind?