Why connecting with people you don’t know on LinkedIn is wasting your time

- December 28, 2020 4 MIN READ
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Let’s consider whether adding another connection to another stranger is actually going to help you achieve anything, or whether the value of your time is actually all going to Microsoft (which owns LinkedIn).

How many contacts can you really stay up-to-date with?

LinkedIn says I’m connected to 7,881 people. If they all just post an update once a month (some of them post once a day, some of them once a year) and I spend on average about a minute reading each update and choosing a reaction emoji, that’s 94,572 minutes a year.

That’s impossible, of course. We simply can’t do what LinkedIn says it wants us to do — to stay connected with everyone we know professionally on LinkedIn, while also holding down a job.


How much is your lost LinkedIn time worth?

And that’s before you account for LinkedIn trying to stop you staying up-to-date with everyone

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Even if you could comprehend that many updates, you’d never remember all those people

I have a social network disability

So, like, why?


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