My Proposal Co. is an online service helping clients organise bespoke romantic proposals

- August 22, 2017 4 MIN READ

As we continue to endure the onslaught of ‘new and innovative’ dating app experiences thrown our way, one’s left to think how many technologies are serving users after that initial connection, whether it’s to help conjure up exciting date ideas or, at the far end of the relationship spectrum, plan an ideal proposal.

Enter my proposal co, a platform which helps love-struck men and women set up a proposal specially tailored for their significant other.

Based in Sydney, the startup will help plan proposals in locations both locally and across the globe, an idea which emerged “by accident” when Gloria Gammo became wrapped up in her cofounder, Tania Alaee’s, proposal.

“Tania’s boyfriend, in classic boy style, left his proposal planning to the very last minute but he knew he wanted to create something really special for Tania. He thought of the most organised person he knew – me – and asked me to help him make it all happen,” recounted Gammo.

Whipping up a comprehensive “secret garden” proposal in under two weeks, Gammo said her future cofounder was left both surprised and elated, leading the pair to decide that together they could turn their planning skills into a business.

With backgrounds in luxury travel and event management, the pair work behind the scenes to develop a creative proposal idea once a client comes forward. Some clients, Gammo explained, approach the business with an exact idea of what they want for their proposal, while others come with absolutely no idea of what to do.

To fill these needs, my proposal co offers different packages based on the clients, two focusing on organising proposals for clients with or without an idea, and the remaining packages servicing those who simply want an idea, but are happy to organise things themselves.

“Sometimes a client will come to us knowing exactly what they want, and we can just jump into action to execute it. More commonly, they have a rough idea that needs some polishing, so we get creative and present a few options,” said Gammo.

“Every proposal is completely bespoke, so in terms of the process, the first step is to meet with the client and really drill down into what they are looking for, then work out the finer details based on their preferences. We make sure we form really close connections with our clients to deliver a creative, one-of-a-kind experience.”

To flesh out what would suit a customer’s partner, the startup spends time asking them a series of questions about their significant other, covering a lot of the basics such as what they enjoy doing and what their favourite colour is, before moving onto finer details such as favourite flowers, locations, and hotels.

Once an idea has been laid out, clients are later able to deliver feedback and tweak any changes they would like. Working to manage the projects are both cofounders and two additional event staff, who hire extra contractors to provide assistance if a proposal requires it.

“We bring in anyone from event stylists, to florists, to photographers, limousine drivers, pilots, concierges at luxury hotels…it’s a team effort,” said Gammo.

As for the tur-around time, Gammo said that ideally “the more time the better”, to enable my proposal co to organise the best possible solution.

“[However] our previous experience in luxury event management means we are adept at turning around a seamless event without a hitch, no matter the timeframe,” she added.

If a lavish proposal seems expensive, that’s because it can be – depending on the complexity of the project involved the resources and time required to power it.

That said, Gammo explained that a number of projects, such as a simple picnic with a favourite bottle of a champagne, come on the cheaper side.

“In terms of budget it really does vary, but the process is completely transparent; costs are always communicated and approved before we get the ball rolling. We have worked on the whole range, from a proposal that involved a mystery flight, a Bentleigh, a yacht to a private island, a gourmet dinner and all the trimmings…to a quirky plan that saw a girl starring in her boyfriend’s music video,” she added.

Currently, the business has organised over 100 proposals in total, including in international locations such as atop the Great Wall of China.

Discussing whether a partner has ever reacted disappointingly after learning their proposal was organised by an external agency, Gammo said they’ve not encountered this issue, thanks to the startup’s focus on getting the person proposing involved in the process as much as possible to develop tailored experiences.

“I think it’s generally pretty accepted for multiple people to be the ‘masterminds’ behind a good proposal – think about how many best friends help the boyfriend choose the right ring – and often partners are even more blown away that their loved one has taken the additional step of enlisting the help of the experts,” she explained.

Proposals aside, my proposal co also offers a service to help organise special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays, and another that helps ring shoppers pick the perfect diamond for their partner.

With a key knowledge of the event managements space in Asia and contractors positioned across the globe, the business is now looking to expand its presence internationally, as well as expanding its service to help couples organise events outside proposals.

Image: Gloria Gammo (left) & Tania Alaee (right). Source: Supplied.