Meeeup, Taps into Friends of Friends on Facebook.

- August 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


A new website launched in Australia is making introductions amongst singles seeking to meet new people, expand their networks or form meaningful relationships.

The website taps into Facebook users already existing social networks to match them with extended friends networks. Everyday, Meeeup sends the user a match chosen from their social graph, and the user has 24 hours to decide whether to “Meeeup” or “Meeeno” that match. If the user selects Meeeno, that match will never occur again. But if there’s a mutual Meeeup, the users will be connected. What’s more, once a connection is made, members will receive exclusive offers to redeem at the cities top trending hot spots when they meet up.

Meeeup aims to be the ultimate experience for singles from introducing them to their friends of friends to the actual meet up.

For those who like to play matchmaker, Meeeup also offers a service called M-tro. M-tro allows users to match a friend to another friend and be rewarded for their efforts.

Meeeup will launch its service in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in Australia before tackling the international market.

“Many people rely on their friends to be introduced to others – whether it’s to expand their networks, to find that special someone or to just meet new people,” said Kruti Bhagani and Shalini Chandrala, co-founders of Meeeup.  “We wanted to create a service that’s cheeky, fun and exciting for all Australians to assist them in making those introductions.”



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