How to avoid screwing yourself on sales negotiations

- November 25, 2021 < 1 MIN READ
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  • The earlier you are;

The more likely you are to screw yourself on the sales negotiation.

Do you want one more thing to practice every day? No!

But practice being aware that this is probably true any time you meet one or more of those criteria and you have to close a sales deal:

If the offer feels about right to you, you’re probably about to screw yourself.

So how about you do this instead

  • Screw your courage to the mizzenmast;

Or try this

Have the 2x number in the proposal doc, but tell yourself it’s OK because you can always cut it in the sales conversation with the client.

But then don’t.

Sometimes they’ll say no

But what if sometimes they say yes?

If your close rate remains about the same despite the 2x price, you just made a significant difference.


Rinse and repeat.

Only this time, 3x it!