Flow of Work is a new startup upskilling people for the jobs of the future

- December 11, 2020 3 MIN READ
Flow of Work co-founders Helena Turpin, Nicolai Lindholm and Iris Appelo.
It’s not always easy to match employees with what they are good at and what they aspire to do. Boredom, lack of opportunity and career progression are the biggest drivers of employee disengagement and turnover.

 Solving this problem is Flow of Work Co, a talent opportunity and insights platform that makes it easy to match the aspirations of employees to projects and other development opportunities, helping organisations grow and retain critical talent and reduce cost.

Co-founder and CEO, Helena Turpin was inspired to launch Flow of Work after 20 years of working as a HR professional.

“I was tired of the constant cycle of seeing talented people start jobs only to become bored and leave, whilst at the same time, our internal recruitment team was searching externally for people just like them,” she said.

“The economic impact of this in Australia is huge. I am on a mission to help people develop and want to stay longer in their jobs.”

Together with co-founder COO, Iris Appelo and co-founder CTO, Nicolai Lindholm; Flow of Work was born.

“Iris, Nic and I met at Randstad when we worked together on HR technology and analytics projects. We bonded and spoke about many business ideas around the topic of human capital and the future of work,” said Turpin.

“We have lived and breathed the problem for a collective 35 years and are committed to solving it. We are building an employee-first platform that is cost effective for medium sized businesses- it pays for itself once two employees are retained.

“Antler took our idea to the next level. They provided coaching, expertise and access to an amazing founder and investor network. The experience has been exhilarating.” 

Flow of Work helps to unlock talent in the flow of work. It does this by allowing companies to better understand their employees by capturing and analysing employee skills, strengths and aspirations, it enables these companies to also post internal projects, assignments and other opportunities, and hosts a searchable database of potential internal talent to support managers get work done.

This in turn increases career growth opportunities, matches employee’s career aspirations with business needs, and helps these companies save money. 

“Flow of Work is an opportunity marketplace that matches the skills and aspirations of employees to work that the organisation needs to get done. We believe it’s in line with how jobs will evolve in the future, given the rise of fully agile workforces and an increase in project based work,” said Turping.

“The focus of the first part of our platform is on the employee. By building an experience that’s highly employee-centric and offers insights into potential career paths, we can create immediate value for the individual, whilst at the same time provide organisations with a wealth of valuable people-data.

“Right now, all that information exists in spreadsheets or in a few people’s heads. When it comes to people-strategy, many organisations are making decisions with very little underpinning data.”

The team are currently working with three development clients and will be launching the platform in 2021. You can sign up for early access to the tool on the Flow of Work Co website.

“The pace at which businesses need to adapt to remain competitive has only increased since COVID-19 hit. If you look at the roles that are the most susceptible to automation, it’s often women that are more adversely impacted, which is why this is so meaningful to us,” said Turpin.

“Through our platform, we aim to make it really practical to re-skill and up skill to keep people engaged and employable.” 

  • Flow of Work Co was built with and invested in by Antler, the world’s largest early-stage investment platform. If you want to build your next company with Antler, applications for the next cohort can be made here

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