Culture Amp has made its diversity workplace tools free for everyone

- November 8, 2019 2 MIN READ
Workplace HR startup Culture Amp is making the diversity and inclusion segment of its platform available for free in a push to make both goals more achievable for more companies and employees.

The Diversity & Inclusion Starter Kit helps companies to collect feedback from employees, better understand the voices inside the organisation and empower a business to create positive change

Culture Amp released its 2019 Diversity, Inclusion and Intersectionality Report, with the research showing that there is a significant data deficit when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion.

The research reveals there is little global consistency in how data around race, ethnicity, parenting status or disability are collected or measured.

Culture Amp co-founder and CEO, Didier Elzinga, said releasing the starter kits was “extremely important” for two reasons.

“Firstly, it is not just a survey – it is a complete end to end toolkit to drive action, and secondly, it directly delivers against our mission to improve the world of work in ways that go beyond merely building a software company,” he said.

“Making our tools and best practices freely available will help countless organisations to begin or continue on their journeys towards being a better and more inclusive workplace, and to helping them to put ‘culture first’.“

Culture Amp currently serves more than 2,500 global customers and has conducted more than 34,000 surveys, surveying more than 3 million employees which has led to a database of more than 163 million survey responses. It has offices in Melbourne, San Francisco, New York and London and employs nearly 400 people.

The Diversity & Inclusion Starter Kit is available online here.

The kit has the tools companies need to measure, understand, and take action to build a more inclusive workplace, including a science-backed diversity & inclusion survey, an on-demand training to guide you, reporting for deeper insights and proven recommendations to drive change at an organisation

Culture Amp’s 2019 Diversity, Inclusion and Intersectionality Report is online here.