Crazy Dog apps celebrates 3 years. Founder is still a teenager.

- November 8, 2013 2 MIN READ

In early November 2010, Brandon Cowan and Hilton Rosenfeld co-founded what is now one of Australia’s most well-known app development Companies, Crazy Dog Apps.

At a young age Brandon was strategic about gaining publicity for the company and built some very strong media relationships.

If you haven’t heard of the Company, you’ve probably heard of Brandon or some of his apps, four of which have been in the top 100 on the Australian App Store.

He’s also seen on pretty popular media outlets such as Forbes, 7 News, Today Tonight, The Today Show, The Project, Sydney Morning Herald and many more, including the current series of Beauty and the Geek Australia.

“At 16, I remember asking Hilton, ‘Do I really need to make us a website?’ It’s not like anyone will go on it. As a naïve young kid (I’m 19 now so I’m not that old just yet, I know!) I just wanted to make some cool little apps that I would use and thought that other people would use,” he says.

And use them they did. “I could never have imagined that over 100,000 people in more than 100 countries would have downloaded my apps, and ranked some of them next to the big ones like Angry Birds”.

Today, the 19-year-old proudly admits that “Crazy Dog Apps is going stronger than ever.”

He adds, “we are continuing to make some pretty cool apps (at least I like them and for me, that is what really counts). Crazy Dog Apps would certainly not be where it is today without the initial help from Hilton who made iParkedHere with me.”

“He forced me to create Crazy Dog Apps, made me build a website and taught me to experiment with new ideas without fear of failure. Hilton is super-awesome and is a great mentor and role model to me.”

Cowan is happy now that a large proportion of his clients are non-for-profit organisations as they allow him to achieve both of his life goals at the same time –  to create new things from great ideas and do some good in the world.

He is currently in the process of creating “ground-breaking applications for two major Australian charities”.

“I never focus too much on making money, I focus on creating apps that I love and hope other people love as much as I do. I try to find clients with cool app ideas or ideas that if implemented, will significantly positively affect their business. That said, I am still a bit like a prostitute – I’ll take any client as long as they pay,” says Cowan.

To celebrate the 3rd birthday of Crazy Dog Apps, Brandon is giving away all of his iOS apps for free (until 11th November 2013).

  • App Making Guide – was $4.49, now free
  • iParkedHere – was $1.99, now free
  • AUSBUY – was $1.99, now free
  • Gravityicons – usually free, now free
  • PetRescue – always free