How to choose the right coworking space

- November 21, 2018 2 MIN READ
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Looking for your perfect coworking space is a little bit like searching for the perfect share house – it’s important to consider more than just the price, because if the price is right but the flatmates are punishing, you’re going to have a bad time!

So, how do you make sure you find a space the suits that your needs and lifestyle and facilitates productivity?

For each person this is different. For you it might mean you need somewhere dog friendly, somewhere with lots of natural light, great music or standing desks.

Everyone is different, so where do find your coworking home?

The trick is looking for four key factors of coworking: VVPP – vibe, value, people, and place.


It’s the constitution, it’s justice, it’s the vibe. Finding somewhere that catches and matches your vibe is critical to success. While shiny bench tops and beer on tap are always appealing, having a place the feels like home on those challenging days is invaluable.

The only way to judge vibe is to live the experience and try before you buy. Most spaces will let you work free for a day or even a week, but if this isn’t an option go for a day pass and get a sense of the community before you commit.


Value is more than the cost of a desk. Many coworking spaces offer perks programs and run events. When looking for a community, check these benefits meet the needs of you or your business. You might also want to scope the management team – often they come from diverse backgrounds and are able to offer a range of support services to help you on your journey.


Your support network is your greatest business asset, and finding a community with not just people, but your tribe of supporters, is invaluable. This tribe could be the team that run the space, the residents, or both. Support makes all the difference when you are on your business journey.


Location, location, location! A coworking membership is like a gym membership – nobody forces you to go, so making sure it’s convenient helps combat those days where getting out of bed is a little difficult, and ensures you get value for your membership. 

Every coworking space is different so shop around, book in trials, find your tribe, and a convenient place to be. If you follow the VVPP, you’ll find the community that is right for you.


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Emily Young is Resident Experience Manager at Inspire9.