Bright Sparks: 3 things you need to see this week

- March 9, 2021 2 MIN READ
Richard Adamson (centre) and the Young Henrys team

Welcome to our weekly column on the important things the startup to see and do for the ANZ startup community, brought to you by the director of the Spark Festival, Maxine Sherrin.

She picks out 3 things worth putting in the dairy for the week ahead. If you’d like to know more, sign up to the Weekly Sparks, Maxine’s roundup of all that’s on in Australian tech and startups. 

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Here’s what’s hot this week:


Richard Adamson of Young Henrys

Wed Mar 10, 2:30PM AEDT


Richard Adamson, co-founder and Director of Young Henry’s is pretty much the perfect person from whom you could learn all about the practicalities of scaling a sustainable business.

Since their first brew, the team at Young Henry’s have considered their impact on the environment, installing community rooftop solar panels, donating their spent grain to farmers and in an industry first, collaborating with researchers at the University of Technology Climate Change Cluster to use algae to reduce their climate impact. Find out how they’ve done it.


Looking Forward: Female Entrepreneurship in 2021

Wed Mar 10, 5:00PM AEDT

IN-PERSON | Sydney Startup Hub

Online events are great, but nothing beats the wonderful serendipity of in-person. So with that in mind Sydney Startup Hub is celebrating NSW Women’s Week with a series of three events all live and in-person.

Drinks, nibbles, random strangers to get to know, and all with strict social distancing in place to keep us all safe in what feels like the last days of the pandemic.

The Wednesday night event is a great opportunity to hear from four local female founders who will be sharing how they survived 2020 and adapting their activities to the brave new post-COVID world.


Balancing Growth and Fundraising for Your Startup

Wed Mar 10, 6:00PM AEDT


What’s all the fuss is about with this whole Clubhouse thing? If you’re wandering around like a lost soul in there, tuning into this event will be a great way to start finding your way.

Hosted on the “Vegemite on Toast” Club, drop by to hear from VC firm Antler, as well as local founders, to learn how you can build a sustainable business.

Oh, and if you don’t have an invite yet, your correspondent here has five: hit me up via the contact form at the Spark Festival website and I’ll get your name on the door! First come, first served.