Bright Sparks: 3 things you need to see this week

- July 27, 2021 2 MIN READ
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Welcome to our weekly column on the important things to see and do for the ANZ startup community, brought to you by the director of the Spark Festival, Maxine Sherrin.

Every Tuesday she picks out 3 things worth putting in the dairy for the week ahead. If you’d like to know more, sign up to the Weekly Sparks, Maxine’s roundup of all that’s on in Australian tech and startups. 

Here’s what’s hot this week:


Build Your Startup All-Star Team

Wed, Jul 28, 1.30PM AEST

Awesome work: you’ve locked in that seed funding that’s going to get you to the next stage.

But pulling together the team that is going to take you there, especially in these early months, can be very daunting.

Attracting the right team is going to be absolutely critical to your success, but where do you find them, and more importantly, how do you get the best people to want to come and work with you in a hyper-competitive market for talent?

Find out at this online session.


The Future of Finance

Thu, Jul 29, 4PM AEST

If you’ve been following where investment dollars are going at the moment, it’s all about Blockchain and Web 3.

This has so many implications for the future of finance and banking that it already has its own cool name, De-Fi.

Venture Cafe Sydney have brought together three local experts at the leading edge of this exciting sector. Tune in and find out all about the next big thing that is coming to disrupt the disruptors.


Commercialising Research into a Viable Startup

Fri, Jul 30, 1PM AEST

Commercialising your innovation into a profitable and scalable business can be a challenging road to navigate.

How do you know who owns the IP when the research has been developed in partnership with a university or research institute?

How can you assess the market potential for the real-world application of your IP?

What does it take to go from researcher to startup CEO?

Bring your questions along to this session and find out how to navigate the road to commercialisation for your research.