Bright Sparks: 3 things you need to see this week

- June 1, 2021 2 MIN READ
Farmer David Sivyer, founder of Feedback Organic, shares his startup journey on Wednesday.

Welcome to our weekly column on the important things to see and do for the ANZ startup community, brought to you by the director of the Spark Festival, Maxine Sherrin.

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Here’s what’s hot this week:


Startup Stories – David Sivyer of Feedback Organic

Wed Jun 2, 8AM AEST

I2N Hub, Newcastle

It’s a shocking truth that one third of all food produced in Australia is lost or wasted. But that truth is what drove fifth generation farmer David Sivyer to start Feedback Organic, which collects food waste from local cafes, restaurants and private homes in the community and converts it to rich compost.

David has grown the Feedback Organic team to eight employees whose skills range from permaculture to project management. Together they have diverted more than one million litres of food waste from landfill and have it on their roadmap to expand into Sydney in 2021.

Hear the story of this awesome purpose-driven business.


R&D tax and EMDG changes from 1 July

Thu Jun 3, 12PM AEST


A new financial year is almost upon us. This 1st of July will bring changes to the R&D Tax Incentive and Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) application processes, making the application process more detailed and time consuming for startups. Make sure you’re ready by tuning into this workshop.


China+APAC Opportunities for Aussie Entrepreneurs Post-Pandemic

Thu Jun 3, 5PM AEST

Fishburners, Sydney Startup Hub

Over the next 12 months not only Australia, but also the rest of the world, will emerge from the pandemic. As economies come back to life, and international trade re-ignites, startups with ambitions in APAC and China will have huge opportunities.

This event is for anyone keen to develop a strategy for working in this exciting region. Whether you have plans for expanding into new markets, or co-operating in other ways, now is the time to learn and make the connections that will help you get there.

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