6 things Assembly Payments co-CEO Rimal Gokani loves about working from home

- December 4, 2020 2 MIN READ
Rimal Gokani and his family
Every Friday, our new weekly column talks to CEOs, founders and tech leaders about the benefits they’ve discovered from WFH in 2020.

This week it’s Rimal Gokani, co-CEO of Melbourne fintech Assembly Payments.

Here are the six things that spark joy about Rimal’s home office life – and tune into the Startup Daily show on ausbiz at 2pm today to catch Rimal talking about them.

1. Family

If there’s one silver lining to this pandemic, it’s that being at home has given me extra quality time with the ones I love.

I’m now able to drop the kids to school and be home when they return.

I also do regular coffee dates with my partner, Mayuri.

Overall, those little extra moments are priceless and are incredibly motivational for my work. It’s also a great escape from the desk!


2. Coffee

I used to confine myself to a few coffees a day, but my intake has now gone up dramatically over the past few months.

That’s largely because I’m walking distance to a good cafe, and again it’s another good reason to get away from the desk.

But I’ve recently taken my habit to a new extreme, and I’ve invested in my own coffee machine. I’m no barista, but I’m slowly improving my skills.


3. Running


Until this year, I never was an avid runner. But being locked at home due to COVID gave me the motivation to give it a go.

I started off running once per week, and now I run up to four times a week. It’s a great de-stresser, and helps keep me focused on my job.

I generally listen to podcasts when I run. My regular go to Podcasts are Serial, HBR IdeaCast and That Peter Crouch Podcast!


4. Music

I’ve always been a fan of music, and I always have something playing in the background while I’m working. It keeps me both sane and calm in the hectic day to day of running Assembly.

I also hunt for playlists during my breaks. My go to channel is ‘Deep Focus’.


5. Kids Homework!

It’s a bit odd to my colleagues, but I’ve always enjoyed helping my kids with their homework.

Ploughing through Maths questions with the kids is easily my favourite way to end the day. Lucky for me, I really enjoy math. It also gives me a chance to connect with them and talk about their day in a unique and special way. 


6. Learning

I’ve always loved learning and the COVID-19 pandemic has given me more time to indulge in my hobby.

Hunger for learning is what led me to complete my MBA at INSEAD and after graduating in 2019 it fuelled my desire to keep reading up on a broad range of topics from business through to health.

The brain is fascinating and it regenerates and grows the more we feed and train it. So for me, to continue learning is a no brainer.