5 things business coach Jessica Williamson learnt from being on Clubhouse

- January 29, 2021 4 MIN READ
Entrepreneur and business coach Jessica Williamson
Clubhouse is one of the newest social media platforms and I just had to try it.

I’d heard that Clubhouse was a platform where you can connect with some of the  world’s prominent industry leaders via live voice interaction. This means you speak directly to real movers and shakers in your industry just through your phone!

I was so intrigued, and after receiving an invite to join, I jumped right in and gained tons of followers in just two days. Here’s what I learned. 


1. It’s an authentic way to get more followers 

Everyone is on Clubhouse to give value, and this authenticity translates directly into  follows. You really need to soak up the advice and value you get from the platform  and put yourself out there as much as you can.

One way I did this was the ‘stage.’ 

I entered a ‘room’ dedicated to business growth, and on the stage was Grant  Cardone, Tiffany Haddish, Jim Kwik and so many USA shark tank investors and  people with millions of followers! Then, I wasn’t just in the same ‘room’ I was granted  access to the ‘stage!’ 

I got to speak directly to these famous people and had some of them reply directly to  me via audio, all completely live. It was just through my phone like a normal phone  call, it was insane! It’s like having a phone call with the biggest leaders in the world. I  was blown away. 

The opportunity to ask questions or make a comment really does help to position you as the leading expert in your niche.

Hearing a real voice seems to make people seem more ‘real’ too which helps build connection. Just being on stage got me 60 new followers. Then Tiffany Haddish followed me! (I doubled checked; it’s not a fake account).


2. Clubhouse helps potential followers understand the value  you can offer 

Because Clubhouse links directly to your Twitter and Instagram, there are no DM  functions or chat functions to comment or like.

The only way to interact with people through Clubhouse is via voice. People can hear you and hear exactly what you  know and can offer. 

Since the Clubhouse app links directly to Instagram it’s a direct link to potential  followers. In fact, I’ve gained at least 200 new Instagram followers after two days on  Clubhouse. I’ve also got about 50 new direct messages (DMs) to read.

In the past, I’d be lucky if I get one or two DMs each month from people I don’t follow. DMs are usually a more meaningful way to connect with followers as they have real questions to ask you and genuinely want your expertise.


3. Getting in early as a ‘first-mover’ means more opportunities before everyone starts using it 

There’s so much opportunity on this app right now because as a first-mover, while  everyone is still getting access, you have to be invited. So, you need to receive an  invitation from someone else who is already on the app.

Each person currently only  receives one invite, so it’s still super exclusive, however, it is growing exponentially. 

As a first mover, it’s so meaningful to be on the app right now, making the most of it.  I’m certain that as time goes on, we may not be able to access these featured  speakers as much as we can now, because the rooms will be so crowded with so  many people. This will mean fewer opportunities to get on to the stage and speak to them.

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the app over the past couple of days to  make the most of getting in early. The good thing is you can multitask, use other apps and have the audio on while you work or clean to make the most of your day. 


4. Spending time learning how to use Clubhouse by listening in different ‘rooms’ helped a lot 

Honestly, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or how the app worked when I  joined. However, upon jumping into a few groups and putting myself out there, I got  the hang of it very quickly. 

I jumped into a bunch of different groups where people were chatting about all the functions of the app and how Clubhouse actually works, so that was really handy. 

Once the app becomes more popular, this ‘how-to chat’ may stop because they will  assume that everyone knows how it works. So I was lucky to get in early and learn in the app. 


5. Putting myself ‘out there’ by speaking helped me gain followers 

Because of my experience in podcasting and doing Instagram lives, I’m more than comfortable to put my hand up and I wanted to push myself to keep that up. So, I put my hand up and just hoped to be invited onto the stage.

And I was! It was a great opportunity to share my business insights. One thing I have also noticed is that  Clubhouse has such a supportive community, I didn’t experience any nastiness or anything negative at all. 

The app itself is pretty amazing. There area actual shark tank rooms where people are pitching and gaining insane investments. I also found a “next top model” room  which based on audio, but I’m not sure how that one works. 

So! As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of Clubhouse and was just so thrilled to be on  stage and share information with potential followers and it worked!

So to help you with your first day on Clubhouse, here are a few things to try which worked well for me: 

Clubhouse App: Tips on how to use the new platform 

  • Round table discussions work best – not a hierarchy of someone just speaking. When people can join in and speak they stick around!
  • Have as many moderators as possible to have a larger room
  • There is a hand you can raise to ask to speak & moderators will let you speak. You can leave a room by ‘peacing out’
  • Your BIO shows up as SEO – Bio is really key to communicate what value can you offer your followers in the first 3 lines.
  • Showing up and actually participating in groups is key, I asked 1 question and gained 5-10 followers
  • Co-hosting groups is key
  • Try to format it like a Q&A, not just a speech
  • You need to reset the room a few times for all the new people that join
  • 60-90 mins is a good length
  • Ask people to DM you a WORD eg. DM me freebie or whatever so you can send them the link to your resources
  • Partner with people to host rooms.