10 of the BEST Australian startup blogs you should be reading

- January 14, 2014 4 MIN READ

Nothing quite beats a great piece of written or video content. There is a lot of information to sift through out there on the internet; and when it it comes to blogging in the startup space, you could literally go through every company we have covered on this site and find a blog section for their company on their websites.

However, like all things some people are way better at it than others and that is why we have put together this list of blogs with startup-related content that we think you should be reading – after you get your daily dose of shoestring.com.au that is!

Startup Blogs / Blogs Startups should read include:


Pretty much exactly what it says. Posts are by Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty. These guys concentrate a lot on content marketing techniques but also chat with a lot of big name influencers in the space via Google Hangouts / Podcasts etc. The big ticket for us, however, is the transparency they have when it comes to their own business, literally sharing everything from their numbers, successful marketing techniques and their failures. Every startup founder that reads this will learn something and be part of a community going through the same things they are.

Startup Blog 

Probably one of Australia’s longest running blogs on startups, written by Steve Sammartino. Covering everything around news and advice that would be helpful to startups. Steve takes a personal approach with his blogging, giving you an insight into what he is up to,  discussing and fleshing out issues he has gone through to create conversation about issues startup will face and how to approach solving them.


Rebekah Campbell, who is the writer for her self-titled blog, is the founder of Posse. A band manager turned tech entrepreneur, she has a great accessible way of writing; and for female entrepreneurs, really assists with opening discussions about issues unique to the female startup community. Again as seems to be the theme with a lot of my favourites, she is extremely transparent about her business and personal ups and downs.


A joint project from some key players within the Australian startup community, written by Alan Jones and Andrew McMurtry. Whilst these guys also include startup news on their site, they have a fantastic grasp on the journey of a startup founder; and it is this speciality that makes it a ‘must read’ for us. All posts are of considerable length because of the technical attention to detail when discussing topics like growth hacking and understanding the mindset of investors. I like to read the posts over the weekend, as I often go over them a couple of times to understand and see if I can implement some of the strategies raised in my own business.


Pollenizer is an online venture builder. Their blog posts are written by CEO Phil Morle and the team. The blog focuses a lot on the science of startups, which is great, especially if you’re a visual person. Graphs and diagrams are bountiful and it almost feels like a short form online learning when reading their stuff. Whilst very technical it is also written in a way that makes it accessible to a newbie in the space.


I kind of have a secret nerd crush on the founders of Tweaky, the business blog is written by Ned Dwyer and Ivan Lim. The content they post is quite broad. Again, they talk about the business’ ups and downs but their most popular posts by far would be those that deal with very specific discussions around sales, conversions and SEO. What is great about these types of posts is their use of real examples from customers and their own business in which they have implemented strategies and they give readers a step by step recount complete with screen shots and examples.


The Canva blog is managed by Zach Kitschke, the company’s Chief Story Teller. (Just quietly I hope to have him work with our company one day). The blog is a mix of announcements, interviews with designers, design advice and discussion. If you are an entrepreneur with a creative mindset you will enjoy the content on Canva’s blog. If you are anything like me, this will be followed by logging into Canva and then being caught in a design hole making pretty things … for hours. #addict

Inspired Worlds

A digital and business blog that is written by Sydney-based tech entrepreneur Matt Ho. What makes this blog so fantastic to read is that Matt is extremely engaged with his readers, and follows all the activity generated from his blog. He also regularly holds hangouts around topics and conducts interviews with people doing great things from the tech side of the startup space. Matt also contributes to Tech in Asia and does a monthly roundup of what is happening in the Aussie Startup Space.


With a focus on startups, intrapreneurs and focus, this blog is written by Mick Liubinskas, co-founder of Pollenizer and recent head of Muru-D. When I was first starting to explore the startup scene and wanted to be an entrepreneur, Mick was one of the first people I ever met. I signed up to do a night session bootcamp at Pollenizer (pre the Spreets days) and that night was what made me pull my finger out and get started. I read his stuff for a great mix of motivation and thought-provoking discussion on various issues with Australia’s startup space.

Appster Blog

An app building company based in Melbourne, the company blog is written by co-founder Mark McDonald. I really like his style of writing and approach to the blog; and it has the perfect mix of app specific discussion and general startup conversations happening on a regular basis. One thing that stands out for me within their blog is their use of stats to quantify points they are trying to make, this gives them that extra cred in my opinion and makes them a weekly to do on my reading list.

There are many other companies and individuals out there with some very awesome must read posts as well, such as the blog Build a Better Founder by Dean McEvoy and the self-titled blog by Kate Kendallwho post more when inspired as opposed to following a schedule of sorts.

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