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NSW launches $500,000 in grants for space tech

- July 22, 2024 2 MIN READ

The global space economy is expected to be worth forecast to be worth $2.7 trillion with a decade, so the NSW government has decided to get in on the action with $500,000 in grant funding. The new NSW Space+ Program grants have been launched ahead of an estimated 10,000 delegates heading to Sydney in September… Read more »

smart business man allocate egg into many baskets . do not put all eggs in one basket
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The CrowdStrike systems outage is a timely warning on the lessons for managing IT risks

- July 22, 2024 3 MIN READ

Friday’s global IT outage caused by a software update gone wrong highlights the interconnected and often fragile nature of modern IT infrastructure. It demonstrates how a single point of failure can have far-reaching consequences. The outage was linked to a single update automatically rolled out to Crowdstrike Falcon, a ubiquitous cyber security tool used primarily… Read more »

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