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Ready your business for the cloud revolution

- April 30, 2018 2 MIN READ

Cloud computing has done away with old, often-convoluted ways of storing data and managing workflows for small and large businesses alike.

It’s by far one of the biggest transformations the Internet has created for the workplace, allowing more of us to work remotely, across different time zones, with people we may never meet. With around 1 in 3 people taking their laptop PCs on-the-go each week, it seems mobility and flexibility are trending upward and cloud solutions may be the way forward for many Australian businesses.

Multinationals, public sector agencies and startups alike are leveraging the cloud to their advantage. 81% of businesses are using some sort of cloud strategy and two-thirds say they plan to increase spending on cloud services by another 20%, a Right Scale report revealed earlier this year.

Cloud solutions enable more users to collaborate, with simultaneous access to files, real-time updates and fast, reliable connections.

For example, Sydney-based startup Clinivid offers a cloud-based service to help medical professionals encrypt and share patient information.

This can boost productivity and help businesses streamline their processes and expand capability. Not to mention, it sidesteps messy server systems and renders the need for constant maintenance and IT support unnecessary, freeing up precious resources for other projects.

But how can you make sure your company is equipped with the right technology to harness a cloud system?

First and foremost is the need to invest in computers with enhanced processing power. Think of the processor as the brain in a computer – it enables the device to receive and send information to all its components. High-performing chips are needed to support things like 4K video and games and makes multitasking lag-free and stress-free.

Processors like the 8th Gen Intel Core range now offer 40% more performance than previous generations and promise a lag-free, ultra-responsive experience and up to 10 hours of battery life. Intel-based PCs also support both 32-bit and 64-bit applications, meaning you’ll still have access to your favourite apps once Apple phases out support for 32-bit.

Intel partner Lenovo offers fast-performing, compact all-in-one (AOI) desktop set-ups as well as innovative 2-in-1 laptops designed to transform into tablets – technology designed for a mobile workforce, with the future of cloud in mind.

So if your business is thinking about making the switch to a cloud system, shopping for devices equipped to be multi-functional as well as the latest processors could set you up well into the future.

Running outdated computers can cost businesses a week in lost time every year. Older machines cost more to maintain and are often slower, less secure and more frustrating for staff to use. Replacing them would not only save you money, but also time and energy.

Companies like Lenovo also offer PC as a Service (PCaaS) payment models where, instead of an upfront, lump-sum payment for your PC, or several PCs, you can instead pay off your tech on a monthly basis. This is helpful for small businesses with limited finances or those that want to try before they buy.

It also ensures business owners can keep things running smoothly as Lenovo will take care of the installation of tech onsite, the migration of valuable data to new devices and support throughout. Knowing that your PC manufacturer can remotely manage devices to fix any potential issues along the way is a huge relief for a lot of business owners. 

More information on Lenovo’s latest range of Intel-powered devices can be found here.

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