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Uber partners with Sydney trip planning startup SkedGo to combine ridesharing and public transport services

- September 27, 2016 3 MIN READ

Uber has today announced a partnership with Sydney trip planning startup SkedGo to complement its ridesharing trips with public transport routes. Through the partnership, Uber hopes to create a seamless journey for customers planning and booking door-to-door multimodal trips.

Uber will be implementing SkedGo’s public transport planning app TripGo within its own ridesharing app. The integration of public transport planning will give Uber customers access to real-time ridesharing and public transport data to request and synchronise Uber rides with connections to buses, trains, trams and ferries, bridging that first or last kilometre gap.

General manager of Uber Australia and New Zealand, David Rohrsheim believes that aligning ridesharing with public transport systems is one of the smartest ways to help people move around the city without the need for owning a personal vehicle.

“Uber is working with cities and local transport systems around the world to solve the first and last mile problem, and this partnership will help feed more people into, and effectively expand the reach of existing public transport services,” he said.

He said partnership is part of Uber’s plan to create greater connectivity across all seven Australian cities, extending its reach into the public transport sector.

To continue its service expansion and increase its customer offering, from today Uber customers in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle and Perth will have access to the new multi-transport planning service.

Founder of TripGo, Claus von Hessberg said enabling users to book their trip from start to finish in one app brings technology closer to true mobility as a service (MaaS).

“It also gives users more flexibility to adapt to changing plans, traffic situations etc. as they can manage and update their trip directly within the TripGo app,” he said.


SkedGo was first launched in 2011 as a solution for travellers switching between different payment methods to pay for their transport service. Like telco companies, SkedGo looked to bundle transport payments to make the travel payment process seamless.

Through looking at ways to bundle transport payments, SkedGo turned its attention into bundling multi-modal transport trips. The startup created TripGo to focus on streamlining transport trips for customers travelling door-to-door. Unlike more commercial transport mapping services like Google Maps, TripGo offers different modes of public transport, mixing them up to give the best route possible to the user.

The startup has been creating new solutions in the transport sector not only for Australia, but for other countries around the world. In April this year SkedGo entered the Rio Olympics Transport Challenge and created an app called the RioGo to serve the transport needs of half a million visitors for the 31st Summer Olympics. The app won the challenge ‘Experience the Olympics’ category, impressing the judges for multi-modal routing, route customisation and user friendly navigation.

Another Australian startup working on creating better customer experiences for private and public transport travellers is Embark. Similar to TripGo, Embark offers route planning options over a range of transport services including bus, train, tram and ferries. However outside of those utilities Embark has also created an inbuilt daily news feed for travellers and a bluetooth connection to advertisements they pass on their daily commute.

Embark has announced that in the coming months it will be working with Transport for NSW to improve wayfinding and accessibility for vision impaired commuters. Embark will be utilising NSW’s beacon network to experiment on ideas like underground station wayfinding, assistance requests and vibration and voice-over alerts where GPS systems don’t work.

It seems that transport apps are moving far away from the stock-standard basic route service to target services towards the individual. With Uber’s integration of TripGo and Embark’s work with Transport for NSW customers are now gaining access to customisable services that bring end-to-end solutions to travel trips and services both private and public.

Image: SkedGo Team. Source: Supplied.