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2016 cohort for Tech23 pitching competition announced

- September 14, 2016 4 MIN READ

SlatteryIT has revealed the startups taking part in this year’s Tech23 pitching competition in October, with a range of industries including agritech, healthtech, and renewables represented.

To be held in Sydney on October 11, the annual event sees 23 startups pitch their ideas to an audience of over 400 people and a panel of industry leaders.

Among the experts on this year’s panel will be Bill Bartee of Blackbird Ventures; partner at NAB Ventures, Melissa Widner; Angela Clark, director of digital at the ABC; and Petra Andren, CEO of ATP Innovations.

Rachel Slattery, director of SlatteryIT, said, “Tech23 is all about encouraging our informal networks, so collaboration can increase between industry, research and development organisations, and startups.”

This year’s cohort will join hundreds of startups in passing through Tech23, with last year’s event seeing pitches from companies including Aipoly, Locomote, and Parent Paperwork.

Over the years the likes of Rebekah Campbell of Posse (now Hey You), Scriptrock (now UpGuard), goCatch, Rome2rio, SmartSparrow, 2Mar Robotics, and GoFar have also pitched at Tech23.

Here are the 2016 participants:


agAlyticsa Queensland agritech startup developing sensors utilising lab-on-a-chip technology to manage water and soil nutrients.


Agersens – an agritech startup developing a virtual shepherd. This IoT system will connect each animal to the internet and enable farmers to fence, move and monitor their livestock using their smartphone or tablet.


AgriWebba farm management platform made up of the AgriWebb Notebook, for easy record keeping in the paddock, and the AgriWebb Portal, which enables customers to make decisions that improve productivity and increase profits.


Airwallexfacilitates international money transfers through a combination of local payment collection, foreign exchange and distribution.


Biteablelooks to make it fast and easy for any individual or organisation, regardless of video production skills, to create studio-quality videos.


Black.aihas built an artificial intelligence system, Ani, that can watch and understand human behaviour. She automates the direct observation of people movement and flow through environments, detecting interactions and notable events, reporting on them in real time.


Cardihabprovides healthcare organisations with the ability to deliver clinician led, remote chronic disease management and prevention programs.

data creative

Data Creativethe platform creates data-driven personalised videos in seconds, that deliver relevant, timely and valuable information to any individual who receives them

Gelion – the startup is working with the idea of one day building houses with batteries inherently included as part of their structure, ready to take advantage of rapidly improving, solar energy technology and also to serve as a buffer for the grid


GeoInteractivea geoscientific company building smart mapping devices to help prevent catastrophic failures in underground infrastructure, with a current focus on critical waste and stormwater assets.


Gruntifyprovides enterprise customers with an all-in-one, mobile-to-cloud data management platform in 3 easy steps. 1) Mobile apps for data collection, 2) online data management portal with in-built workflow processes, and 3) data mapping and analytics for streamlined decision-making


HavenTechelps organisations build trust by maintaining their customers’ privacy in every interaction

Hovermapdoes for drones what Google does for driverless cars. Hovermap provides software which makes drones safe and easy to use, and allows them be used for a host of new applications

lorica health

Lorica Health – a specialist team of data scientists, domain experts, clinicians, analysts and engineers develop industry specific solutions which target fraud, abuse and waste, while also making markets that improve the quality and safety of health care.


Myriotaa satellite communications platform to transmit small amounts of data at a very low cost. Myriota uses tiny low powered transmitters, small amounts of bandwidth, tiny low earth orbit satellites and signal processing software to transmit small amounts of data via satellite.

Ninox Robotics

Ninox Roboticslooks to enhance productivity within various industries, through increasing automation and improving accessibility to information. Ninox Robotics is able to deploy a UAV team anywhere in Australia and provide clients with various spatial imagery products that can assist their enterprise.


Plutoradevelops an innovative platform for enterprises to test and release complex applications.


Pointdutya software development company that focuses on applications that capture and visualise data from social media networks, peer to peer networks, the dark web and other internet sources. It’s tools are used to combat such crimes as violent extremism, child abuse, fraud as well as the standard crimes investigated by police forces.

PredictBGL Diabetes

PredictBGL Diabeteshelps people to better manage their medications. While currently focused on diabetes and insulin dosing, ManageBGL can also help with dosing of warfarin and other drugs such as cholesterol drugs.


Rappsioan all-in-one cloud platform for digital agencies that makes web application development fast, and secure infrastructure simple. Increase productivity by configuring the core of your web application, code only to solve new and interesting problems.

ResApp Health

ResApp Healthis developing digital healthcare solutions to assist doctors and empower patients to diagnose and manage respiratory disease. We are creating easy to use affordable, clinically-validated and regulatory-approved diagnostic tools that only require a smartphone.

Reposit Power

Reposit Powera platform that learns, adapts and predicts a consumer’s energy usage so you’re getting the most from your solar. What’s more, you’ll save on your energy bills which means, on average, you’ll pay off your battery in half the time.


SPEE3Da high speed and low cost digital manufacturing process that can manufacture equivalent parts to casting processes. This new technology is born out of several industries including 3D printing, patented and owned by SPEE3D.

Image: Tech23. Source: Tech23 website.