[VIDEO] Startup Daily Sessions: Marissa Senzaki, lead recruiter at Slack

- August 18, 2016 < 1 MIN READ

In just a few short years Slack has become one of the world’s hottest startups. Officially launched in 2014, the team collaboration startup has raised US$540 million in funding, with its last round of $200 million setting its valuation at $3.8 billion.

The platform now boasts over 3 million active daily users, among them the likes of NASA, global companies including Buzzfeed, Airbnb, and Samsung, and local players such as the AFL, Seek, and RedBubble. This growth has been pushed by staff in offices across the world, from San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Dublin, and its new APAC headquarters in Melbourne, opened in March. The office, located in the heritage Carlton Brewery site, will be home to 70 staff.

In charge of recruiting much of Slack’s global workforce is Marissa Senzaki, who joined Slack in its early days. Coming on as the first HR hire for Slack in September 2014, Senzaki worked to, among other things, grow the company’s headcount from under 50 to over 100 within her first four months and help set the foundation to build out the onboarding and orientation program for new hires.

She also helped to develop the office culture that Slack is now famous for – startup offices around the world are full of ping pong tables, fully stocked kitchens, and a range of other perks in a bid to keep workers in the office, but Slack encourages employees to simply “work hard and go home”.

Senzaki was then chosen to be part of the landing team for the company’s new Melbourne office, where she now works as the senior corporate recruiter for the APAC region.

We caught up with Senzaki in Sydney to have a chat about Slack’s approach to recruitment and team culture: