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Sydney startup Snappr connects professional photographers to consumers on-demand

- August 3, 2016 2 MIN READ

When planning a big event such as a wedding, anniversary party, a corporate function or the like, every minor detail usually takes months to organise, with different goods or service providers that are central to the day being bought or hired through recommendations from friends and family. Finding the right photographer, for example, takes time, and it’s hard to know where to look or what to look for, or what kind of prices are the standard, and it’s these problems that Sydney photography startup Snappr  wants to solve.

The startup recently emerged out of beta stage with $500,000 in an oversubscribed round from a range of private investors, which it will use to focus on growing the platform in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Cofounded by Matt Schiller and Ed Kearney, Snappr is a two-way marketplace focused on matching pre-qualified photographers with consumers. Both Schiller and Kearney started working on the platform two months ago and have already created a network of photographers across all three major states.

The  startup enables customers to be instantly matched with a suitable photographer for those important occasions like weddings, graduations, anniversaries and corporate events. The key focus of the startup is to make the process of booking a photoshoot more affordable and accessible. Bookings start from just $59 and can be confirmed in as little as 30 minutes.

Recently out of beta testing, Snappr launched an initial pre-seed round intended for family and friends to invest. However after raising $200,000 in less than a month the team decided to open the round for larger investment, capping the round at $500,000.

Currently Snappr is in a fast growth stage and has already had 700 photographers apply for on-site listing. Earlier this month Snappr showcased its platform at a launch party at Fishburners, with the likes of Adam Jacobs, CEO of the Iconic, and president of the Art Gallery of NSW Guido Belgiorno­ Nettis were in attendance.

Nettis said Snappr presents a practical solution to a complex problem for both consumers and photographers.

“As a keen photographer, it’s really great to see the right professional photographers connected to deserving customers,” he said.

Snappr of course used its own platform to help capture the event, using a new 360 degree camera, hinting that this type of photography may soon be available on the platform. “360 degree photography is something that we’re exploring for Snappr going forward,” said Kearney.

In February this year another photography startup, Co:lab created an app to connect creatives together in a personalised portfolio. The Melbourne app is still working through its beta stage and hopes to raise up to $100,000 in investment to nationally expand.

Platforms like Snappr and Co:lab are all about making connections and sourcing the right creatives to complete jobs for local consumers. In a digital revolution where services are spread thinly through hundreds of private and public sites, it’s essential application like these create a one-stop shop for consumers.

As a two-way marketplace, Snappr enables freelance photographers to pick and choose when they want to work and the rates they set. It gives professional photographers the opportunity to earn more money on the side, while providing consumers with high quality services.

“When a disruptive on­-demand service launches, you don’t really expect everyone to be happy about it, but Snappr is different to other service platforms such as Uber in this regard,” said Schiller. “The launch has highlighted that the photography community and users are equally excited about what we’re doing.”

Image: Snappr Team. Source: Supplied.