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Redback Technologies partners with AllGrid Energy to help remote communities become self-sufficient

- July 14, 2016 2 MIN READ

Brisbane startup Redback Technologies, which creates low cost solar solutions for residential and commercial customers, has today announced a partnership with Queensland renewable technology company AllGrid Energy, which will see AllGrid adapting Redback’s core hardware and software suite for remote applications.

AllGrid is an Indigenous-owned company that partners with remote and Indigenous communities to implement what it calls ‘The Oasis Strategy’, that is, “creating a source of abundance in a desert of depletion”. Through its battery storage technology, through which it helps shift the reliance of these communities off the grid, it looks to help them become self-sufficient.

The partnership will see AllGrid work with Redback to build additional functionality into its offering for the integration of water and related bio systems that are essential to increasing the quality of life for those living in remote communities.

Philip Livingston, managing director of Redback Technologies, said, “We are both young and emerging companies who are passionate and determined to reach the same vision of a renewable energy future. Our partnership and commitment to collaboration gives us agility and resilience in this new and exciting market.”

Ray Pratt, CEO of AllGrid Energy, added that Redback’s tech melds perfectly with AllGrid’s systems, with the combining of the two allowing for the creation of a technologically superior product for its customers.

“Australia is a vast continent and many Indigenous people live in remote and regional areas. The cost of transmitting energy through wires that span thousands of kilometres is enormous and this means that these communities are often compromised in their power supplies and are experiencing real energy poverty,” Pratt said.

According to the 2006 census, 10 percent of the estimated Indigenous population live in remote areas and 16 percent in very remote areas, with studies showing that, on average, Australians living in remote or very remote areas have worse health than those living in regional or metropolitan areas for a variety of reasons.

Pratt said, “Although we are a wealthy first world country, in many remote communities and areas of significant Indigenous population, people are living in third world conditions. Across the world it is being increasingly recognised that renewable technologies have the potential to facilitate self-sufficiency.

“Community engagement is essential to the success of our projects. Delivering holistic outcomes through culturally appropriate methods and education to ensure long term solutions, beyond just technical ones, is our priority.”

The partnership with Redback is just one part of AllGrid’s Oasis Strategy. Another partnership with Solar Relief is seeing All Grid take part in discussions on the introduction of flat-packed housing that is affordable, recycled and recyclable, and has maximum energy efficiency. AllGrid will be looking to incorporate water purification and composting toilets into the housing packages, with containerised hydroponic and aquaponics food production systems to be added further on down the line.

Image: Raymond Pratt. Source: AllGrid Energy.