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Atlassian acquires status communication platform StatusPage in first post-IPO acquisition

- July 15, 2016 2 MIN READ

Atlassian has today announced its first post-IPO acquisition, snapping up YCombinator alum StatusPage, which helps online businesses keep users updated about outages and downtime, for an undisclosed fee.

Founded in 2013, the Denver-based StatusPage reports that it has thousands of customers on board, with Venmo, Citrix, and Intuit among them. The number of email and SMS subscribers signing up each month has increased fivefold over the last three years, it reports, while it is also sending over eight million email and SMS notifications each month to subscribers of its status pages.

Discussing the acquisition in a blog post, Atlassian cofounder and CEO Scott Farquhar said that Atlassian has a long history with StatusPage as a customer and partner, with the service powering status.atlassian.com, status.bitbucket.org, and status.hipchat.com.

“StatusPage is the single source of truth for the status of cloud services,” Farquhar said.

This truth is important, Farquhar said, because it helps facilitate better communication, which is what Atlassian, of course, is all about.

“Atlassian helps teams build and ship great software. In the cloud, all software is now a service your customers, end-users and partners rely on. Providing status and regularly communicating with your customers – especially during incidents – has become a critical part of the software delivery process,” he said.

“That’s why StatusPage and Atlassian are a perfect fit. StatusPage furthers Atlassian’s mission to help teams everywhere communicate and collaborate better.”

Similarly, StatusPage cofounder Danny Olinsky said in his own post that Atlassian’s culture was attractive to the startup.

“We’ve always admired how Atlassian has grown profitably over the years by focusing on building great products within a culture centered around customer trust. One of their core values is (literally) ‘don’t #@!% the customer’! In a world of unicorns, amazing burn rates, and grow-at-all-costs cultures, there isn’t a better company we could have chosen to join,” he said.

Cofounder Scott Klein added, “A single technology service going down can affect thousands of companies and millions of end users. Keeping customers up to date on the status of cloud services builds trust, reduces support costs and helps deliver a better customer experience.

“Joining Atlassian will help us to achieve our mission of bridging the communication gap between service providers and their customers, while integrating across the Atlassian stack to build the best status communication tools for software, IT, and support teams.”

Atlassian will continue to offer StatusPage as a standalone service, with the whole StatusPage team to move into Atlassian’s San Francisco office. They will be aided by internal engineering resources to accelerate integration across Atlassian’s collaboration stack.

Image: Scott Klein, Steven Klein, Danny Olinsky. Source: bizjournals.