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Airtasker partners with The Good Guys to improve customer experience in retail

- July 12, 2016 3 MIN READ

Local services marketplace Airtasker has partnered with electronics retailer The Good Guys to help improve customer experience in the retail sector. The partnership will see Airtasker’s post-purchase platform integrated into The Good Guys’ store network.

Partnerships with startups are becoming more readily accepted in the traditional retail space as vendors explore new ways to distinguish themselves from the competition, with on-demand and post-purchasing offerings in particular coming into focus as retailers look to roll out same-day deliveries and streamlined customer services.

The partnership between Airtasker and The Good Guys follows on from Shippit’s partnership with with retail giant Harvey Norman earlier this year to drive growth across digital markets, while Sydney pet sitting startup Mad Paws also recently announced a deal with pet supplies retailer PETstock.

Working with Airtasker, The Good Guys has implemented a new platform that will simplify the bookings process for its customers. Airtasker has worked with the household appliance retailer to develop a booking portal for The Good Guys’ existing Concierge Home Installation Service., which will help to better manage their contractor network.

Customers of the Good Guys will now be able to track and coordinate their service through the online portal. The Concierge Home Installation Service will also enable customers to manage variations to their job, access any required certificated and, once the job is complete, rate their experience.

The booking service is also helping The Good Guys to streamline payments for installers and generate full reporting dashboards to give installer access to all information concerning booking and job management.

The Good Guys chief marketing officer, Robert Ambler-Frazer said, “We are always looking for ways to innovate in terms of the post-purchase experience and partnering with Airtasker to develop this booking portal for our Concierge Home Installation Services has provided us with a unique solution that puts us well ahead of our competitors and makes coordinating services easier and more hassle free for our customers, more efficient for our installer network, and more cost effective for The Good Guys.”

The Good Guys has an existing network of approximately 400 installers, who now has access to more jobs from more stores.

Since launch in 2012, Airtasker has grown to support more than 600,000 community members across Australia. To date over $40 million in task transaction has been completed through the startup.

Cofounder of Airtasker, Jonathan Lui said the latest partnership with The Good Guys is an Australian-first between online local marketplaces and leading retailers.

“We’re expecting it to trigger a fundamental shift in how retailers think about the post-purchase customer experience. [The booking platform] will revolutionise their installation services by streamlining the process, enabling fast, accurate bookings with seamless contact between customers and installers,” he said.

“The Good Guys is really leading the way in terms of post-purchase customer experience and it is great to see them thinking ahead of the curve and embracing this innovation.”

This year Airtasker has been increasingly looking for ways to turn their brand into a household name. Last month the startup announced a $22 million Series B round led by Seven West Media, providing the startup with media support and investment to drive the platform’s growth.

With the growth of its community fundamental to its success, partnerships with a leading retailer like The Good Guys are crucial to leveraging off existing networks.

The partnership also comes with the launch of Airtasker’s Ecosystem Partnership program, which aims to build online marketplaces and scale into other industry verticals like retail.

“There’s a natural affinity with how our Airtasker’s model and the retail sector could work together, so it was a natural starting point for this project. For a company as big and successful as The Good Guys to work with Airtasker it was great to see them thinking ahead of the curve and embracing this innovation,” Lui said.

“As a marketplace with a workforce that is growing rapidly, we’re always looking out for further opportunities in helping other businesses develop their own services-based offerings.”

Image: Airtasker co-founder Jonathan Lui and The Good Guys Chief Marketing Officer, Robert Ambler-Frazer. Source: Supplied.