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Recruitment service startup Skilld launches to address skill demand in the hospitality industry

- June 30, 2016 3 MIN READ

Sydney-based recruitment startup Skilld has today launched its platform to address the high demand of skills in the hospitality industry. Founder of Skilld Gen George, together with the minister for skills and small business John Barilaro will open up the new match-making service to SMEs and skilled workers.

Skilld is an online recruitment service that places skilled workers like chefs, waiters and barmen into the industry to address the skills shortage. Through partnerships with training organisations such as William Blue, the NSW Government, social hospitality groups and industry leaders, Skilld is able to provide unprecedented access to cost effective and efficient recruitment services.

The startup works by reacting off each user’s behaviours in the marketplace, all the way down to their postcode. Candidates sign up by uploading a photo, their resume, and writing a short bio, and from there it works similar to Tinder.

Businesses browse and shortlist candidates, with the candidates in turn able to look at these businesses if they have positions open. This is the key – candidates are only shown open positions from businesses that are interested in them, meaning less time spent checking out and applying for jobs that they were never likely to get. Candidates browsing these jobs can express their interest by swiping right, with the corresponding business then notified that a candidate is interested in being contacted. Jobs on the platform can range from full time positions through to one-time shifts.

Barilaro said that this platform is an innovative and accessible avenue to address the skills shortages in the hospitality industry, but the exciting thing is that it doesn’t stop there. “Skilld.com opens a plethora of opportunities to address skills shortages across various industries and nation-wide.”

George previously told Startup Daily that the platform is about “closing the loop” for candidates, who are able to see what kind of demand exists for their skill set. Candidates are also benchmarked against each other in terms of how qualified they are and how much experience they’ve got compared to other users in their postcode, as well as how active they are on the platform. For businesses, who pay a $50 monthly subscription fee, being able to track a candidate’s activity means they can quickly fill short-term, urgent openings.

“Currently there is a mass shortage of skilled talent being matched to small businesses, who are in fact the fastest growing market right now in Australia- four times faster than any other market. It is so important that efficiencies and cutting edge technology is being used to help drive talent to the right businesses locally as small businesses employ 50% of the workforce,” said George.

According to the Australian Labour Force report 2015 to 2020, 71 percent of businesses in the cafe and restaurant sector have reported recruitment deficiencies. The report also found that in order to meet the needs of the growing industry, Australian tourism and hospitality sector will require an additional 123,000 workers by 2020. Most of those workers will be chefs, who are already topping the skills demand list.

General manager of Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS), Jerome Casteigt said, “Hospitality is now one of the world’s fastest growing industries, and education providers such as William Blue continue to challenge traditional stereotypes of what a career in hospitality looks like, with the majority of graduates either progressing rapidly up the ranks of major hotel and resort chains and international event companies, or even starting their own successful businesses such as restaurants.”

“While William Blue students are regularly sought out by for jobs immediately following graduation, it’s important that they are connecting with the right employers – those who will really invest in their career progression. A platform like Skilld is an incredible asset for graduates of hospitality management degrees seeking a career in the industry.”

Skilld is launching today at the old Rockpool Bar and Grill Restaurant, which is now occupied by William Blue College training facilities.

Image: Gen George. Source: Lifehacker.