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Prezi launches Prezi Business for teams and integrates with Slack

- June 8, 2016 2 MIN READ

Presentation software startup Prezi has today announced the launch of Prezi Business, a new visual presentation platform for teams. The launch of the new business-focused product is part of Prezi’s move to ramp up its presence in the workplace.

Prezi Business will enable employers to work more collaboratively with their teams through inbuilt collaboration and productivity tools such as engagement analytics, integration with Slack, and remote presenting. Teams will be able to co-edit and comment on presentations from the office or remotely.

Prezis can now be worked on by multiple users through a password-protected virtual meeting room, where a host can remote presentations to be viewed in HD by anyone around the world.

The new collaboration tools aimed at businesses are the company’s response to a rapidly growing need to expand its product offering. Customers have been calling for tools that enable openness and teamwork over hierarchy and silos, as well as their desires for conversations, rather than one-way experiences.

Prezi states that with students, its traditional user base, now moving from the classroom to the workplace, the need for a more transformative presentation experience has grown.

“Millennials constitute a huge part of our 75 million user base, as they’ve moved into the professional world, they’ve brought their modern expectations and favourite tools with them,” said cofounder of Prezi, Peter Arval.

“We designed Prezi Business for users like them; for those that want a more visual, collaborative, data-driven and, most importantly, conversational way to present.”

The integration with Slack will also help improve business productivity. Prezi users can now receive Slack notifications when someone has commented on, shared or edited their Prezi, giving them real-time feedback from their audience.

Prezi is the latest global company to join Slack’s team messaging platform, which is also used by NASA, Buzzfeed, Airbnb and Samsung, along with local players such as the AFL, Seek and RedBubble.

Since launch in 2009 Prezi has received US$72.76 million in funding from a range of high profile investors including Spectrum Equity, Accel Partners, BootstrapLabs, Sunstone Capital and Magyar Telekom.

Prezi’s growth figures have also continued to climb and to date the platform has over 75 million users worldwide who have created more than 260 million Prezis, making it the world’s largest database of presentations.

Workplace presentations are now an essential part of business communications and with the fast moving pace of the world’s online ecosystem, companies are more determined than ever to capture their audience’s attention. Visuals have been proven to be more engaging than one-way dialogue slides and bullet point powerpoint presentations as it takes a quarter of a second for the brain to process a symbol and six seconds for the average person to read 20-25 words.

According to the RAIN Group, for example, sales professionals can increase sales by collaborating with prospects instead of talking at them, and ION Interactive recently found that twice as many consumers say that interactive content is more memorable than static.

In the past Prezi has always looked at the bigger challenge of getting people from the initial ‘wow’ stage to the continual ‘wow,’ which means ensuring that the novelty doesn’t wear off, especially for enterprise users and businesses.

From today Prezi Business is available to organisations and companies worldwide.

Image: Péter Halácsy, Peter Arvai, and Adam Somlai-Fischer. Source: Supplied.