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Melbourne colour capture startup Palette launches partnership with Dulux

- May 16, 2016 2 MIN READ

Melbourne startup Palette, a startup that produces colour capturing devices, has announced a strategic partnership with Dulux. Through the partnership Palette will be launching its new product Dulux Snapshot, which will be available for purchase in retail stores Australia wide.

Palette’s first product Cube has been described as the ‘Shazam for colour’, a portable smart cube device that captures the colour of any surface. The cube pairs with any smartphone device to save colour matches, organise colours into project groups, and rename colours for personal recognition.

The Cube can also be connected to Photoshop for users to import colours and match them to a host of over 7,500 digital colour profiles including PANTONE, the leading provider of colour systems.

Palette has been collaborating with Dulux to take its colour matching technology to the next level by introducing the Dulux Snapshot into the home renovator market.

“We’re working with Dulux to take colour to a new level. Snapshot saves time, reduces errors, all while being incredibly easy to use; we’re thrilled to launch Snapshot with Dulux,” said CEO of Palette, Djordje Dikic.

The new Dulux Snapshot device will allow users to match any surface to a colour from Dulux’s ‘World of Colour,’ range and help them properly identify colours on real-world surfaces such as walls. The closest colour match from over 4,500 Dulux colours is possible with Palette’s technology, which matches existing paintwork or shades from a user’s surroundings.

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The idea for the colour digitiser came through the founders’ own experiences with home renovations and the struggle to identify and colour match paint on existing walls. Founders of Palette Paul Peng, Djordje Dikic, and Rocky Liang saw that in order to properly identify existing colours walls needed to be scratched away and taken in for analysis.

In 2013 Palette participated in the Melbourne Accelerator Program, where the startup focused on moving out of the DIY renovator market and into broader opportunities like graphic design and cosmetics. Alongside the accelerator Palette raised over $150,000 through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and proved its popularity and viability in the market.

Director of Melbourne Accelerator Program, Rohan Workman said the latest partnership with Dulux will allow Palette to scale fast.

“A lot of startups don’t think about channel partnerships which can be vital to a startup’s success. I’m constantly impressed by their ability to solve problems – that’s what happens when you have three engineers as founders – and keep momentum up,” he said.

Last year Palette raised $1 million in a Series A funding round led by Adam Lewis, Palette chairman and ex-managing director of McKinsey Australia. The funding went towards the re-branding of the startup and name change from SwatchMate to Palette. In conjunction with the rebrand, Palette also used the raise to expand its retail strategy and form strategic partnerships like the collaboration with Dulux.

Image: Paul Peng, Djordje Dikic and Rocky Liang. Source: Supplied.