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Local Measure awarded Instagram Partner badge for its community management capabilities

- May 18, 2016 3 MIN READ
local measure

Australian startup Local Measure has joined the likes of Hootsuite, Salesforce, and Adobe as an official Instagram partner, its social media insights platform receiving recognition for its community management capabilities.

Looking to help business users meet their marketing objectives, Instagram’s Partner Program highlights companies with expertise in at least one of three specialties: adtech, community management, and content marketing. Local Measure is the first Australian company to be named a partner.

Jonathan Barouch, founder and CEO of Local Measure, said the news was a “huge honour”, with the company only getting word about it last week. He said it reflects the company’s continued dedication to the platform.

“We’ve been on their radar for a little while I think because we’ve got some fairly significant large global brands which use us to manage Instagram at scale, such as Accor for example, whether it’s the individual hotel within a chain of 4,000 or rolled up to get local, regional, and even global reporting,” he said.

“I think that caught the eye of Instagram…we were one of the first platforms on when they opened their API, and we’ve been working with customers to engage with the community, set up handles, localise engagement and some of their targeting since the early days, so it’s nice to get the recognition.”

Founded in 2011, the startup helps businesses analyse customer feedback across social media down to a local level, allowing them to see which conversations are happening in which locations. Last September it announced it had almost doubled its employee headcount and tripled its revenue over the previous 12 months, with offices in Sydney, Miami, London, Singapore, and Manila.

Already getting referrals thanks to its listing on Instagram’s Partner page, the startup now has business clients in 230 cities around the world with global brands like Virgin, Trump Hotels, Sea World, and Dubai Tourism signing on.

Barouch said this underscores the company’s outlook from its early days, with Local Measure “born global.”

“I think that’s the thing with Australian technology companies, your local market is inherently so small you think about global solutions from day one. We’ve got technology that is language-agnostic, we plug into Google for live language translations, and with Instagram being a global platform we’re picking up feedback in multiple languages,” he said.

“We’ve got clients who are more innovative and streaming language-based feedback to different people in the team; there’s one client that engages with their community and responds to people in six or seven different languages, so their team member speaking Arabic just gets the Arabic feedback, the person that speaks Chinese gets that feedback. They’re doing interesting things.”

While Facebook and Twitter are perhaps better understood, Barouch said Instagram is in fact one of the more interesting social media platforms when it comes to customer intelligence and feedback, becoming one of the largest sources of community engagement in almost every market worldwide with its 400 million users.

“We’ve not come across a market where they’re not ahead, even in China where they weren’t the incumbent, so for us the partnership is awesome because they really lead in terms of public data, visual content, and engagement, pretty much everywhere around the world,” he explained.

In a business context, Instagram is particularly pertinent across the tourism and hospitality sectors, where Barouch said the nature of the feedback is very visual.

“Sometimes 60 or 70 percent of all the feedback being shared to a hotel or airport or destination is on Instagram, and in some cases it’s even higher.”

Looking ahead, Barouch said Local Measure is working on executing its product roadmaps to further develop its capabilities.

Image: Jonathan Barouch.