Perth digital conference Mixin aims to inspire cross-discipline collaboration

- April 8, 2016 2 MIN READ

Perth is set to play host to a new tech conference, with Mixin looking to inspire cross discipline collaboration in the digital space and celebrate the growth of the city’s tech and startup ecosystem. The conference, to be held on October 28, is designed for developers, designers, and those working around and inbetween them.

Speaking at the event will be Allison House, an independent designer who is renowned for her work at Dropbox, Treehouse, and codeacademy, and Andrew Clarke, art director at Stuff and Nonsense, a UK website design studio.

Patima Tantiprasut, co-organiser of Mixin, said, “We have a very passionate and truly unique community over here in the west. Perhaps it’s our isolation that bands us together, so the desire for collaboration and working together is very evident.”

Mixin is designed to inspire delegates and break down the barriers between cross disciplines. The aim is to have more disciplines working in teams to create a range of diverse social impact applications.

The one day event is not just for people in agencies but, as Tantiprasut said, “It’s for those who want to collaborate in any project requiring the combination of creativity and production.”

There is a depth of innovative talent in Perth that is begging for more nurture and support from the multi-disciplinary communities. Despite limited access to venture capital and just a handful of coworking spaces and accelerator and incubator programs in the state, startups are still popping up and developing new products and services outside of the mining industry.

Last year Perth based accelerator Amcom Upstart received over 70 applications from Australian and international startups, while coworking hub Spacecubed is a committed backer of the city’s ecosystem.

Young entrepreneurs gain inspiration from overseas trips and international conferences that aim to educate and inform how global businesses are made. Tantiprasut said that while these trips provide opportunities like no other, it’s a shame that not everyone, especially those in the west, gets that same opportunity to be inspired and learn from the best.

“When we think of the best, two names that certainly come to mind are Allison House and Andy Clarke.”

Helping Tantiprasut organise the event are Perth industry professionals including Joshua Allen, developer at The Brand Agency, Phuong Huynh, developer at Clever Starfish, Brett Jones, designer at Pin Payments, Mandy Michael, founder of Fenders, Meagan Tan, design intern at Clever Starfish, and Kylie Timpani, designer at Humaan.

Michael said, “We’ve aimed to bring the best of the global web industry to Perth. Allison and Andy are a testament to that goal. We’re aiming big, really big. We’ve promised an amazing experience for our delegates and they won’t be disappointed.”

Image: Allison House. Source: Supplied