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Scann3d partners with Realestate.com.au to push VR property tours into the mainstream

- March 18, 2016 2 MIN READ

With virtual reality creeping further into the mainstream, 3D tour provider Scann3d has partnered with Realestate.com.au to scan 500 properties across NSW in order to further enhance the experience for prospective property buyers.

Trent Clews-de Castella, CEO of Scann3d, said, “This technology is the future of the real estate industry. We’ve teamed up with the industry leaders to demonstrate the capabilities of this medium.”

The two companies first began working together last year, with REA Group, owner of Realestate.com.au, recognising the potential of online 3D experiences. The company brought together Scann3d and  property developer BPM to collaborate on creating walkthrough tours for off the plan properties.

As a result, Realestate.com.au is now perhaps one of the most prominent companies working with VR in the Australian real estate market, looking to prove that the 3D space is improving the traditional way of online listing.

Launched in 2014, Scann3d began by providing 3D scanning services to residential real estate sector clients including Jellis Craig and Metricon. After visualising more than 800 homes across Australia Clews-de Castella is confident that buyer behaviour will soon change and VR walkthroughs will gain popularity.

“We want to get enough content out there in a large pool of properties. We’re trying to drive that paradigm shift and change in mentality from traditional print material to more interactive and engaging content,” said Clews-de Castella.

This interactive content has been identified as a useful tool to attract overseas buyers in particular. Scann3d has found that in comparison to traditional online listings, properties offering 3D tours receive a 49 percent increase in web traffic, with a 15 percent increase in overseas viewers, on average. Scann3d also found that 52 percent of people who take a 3D tour view that tour repeatedly.

“You gain a more intimate knowledge and feel for a property before ever having stepped inside,” said Clews-de Castella.

There are several companies now working with VR in the real estate space. Sydney startup JAGONAL is focused on commercial property, offering users view from every window that is enhanced with a Google street view-style of visuals. The 3D is generated through building data used to create online stack plans, with the stack plan showing which floor a vacancy is on, and the rent for each specific floor.

Realestate.com.au’s main competitor Domain also recently announced the appointment of Asok Boopathy, previously of Bigcommerce, PayPal, and Flight Path, as its new director of product. The company stated that the appointment highlights ist commitment to remaining at the forefront of digital innovation through a ‘startup-enterprise’ approach to development.

Image: Scann3d Team. Source: Supplied