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Workible hosts HR Hackathon events aiming to turn the human resources industry on its head

- February 12, 2016 2 MIN READ

The best of Sydney’s Human Resource professionals came together this week to find ways to change, improve and innovate their industry. The event was held at Commonwealth Bank’s Innovation Lab where professionals came up with some brutally honest opinions into how they feel about the current recruitment process. Four major outcomes from the event will be tested in a lean fail-fast approach over the next seven days.

Hosted by Australian startup Workible, the hackathon was part of a two-part event was organised in conjunction with Allegis Global Solutions, LinkedIn, and the Commonwealth Bank to help redesign the industry.

All groups and participants will be returning in the coming week to regroup and share their findings. The four new industry outcomes to be tested include:

  1. Offering candidates a ‘choose your own adventure’ style of the application process. This will test a new approach, hoping to do away with the typical interviews, resumes and reference checks.
  2. Eliminating job advertisements, as ads can be inefficient and expensive
  3. Accountability to the candidate, keeping candidate-centric in each transaction you have with them.
  4. Introduction of a ‘Work Concierge,’ a buddy system that’s applied during both the on boarding and the recruitment process.

The real focus of the event was with the candidate, and testing whether part of the recruitment process could be changed or even deleted.

Alli Baker, cofounder of Workible, believes that the industry desperately needs some new energy. She said that there is a shared belief between Workible and Allegis Global Solutions that there is a need to implement positive disruption in the way people source, select, and engage their staff.

“By applying the hacking framework of creativity, analytical thinking, and metrics to the world of HR, we will be working through the design cycle to create testable prototypes for projects that delegates can take back and implement immediately,” Baker said. 

Both Workible and Allegis hope to take the concept of the HR Hackathon around Australia before taking it around the world. Baker is a firm believer in hack-type thinking and said that many of the features that appear in Workible’s technology have come from looking into quick and novel ways to solve their clients’ problems.

New ways of thinking and engaging with clients has seen the Workible team turn their ideas into a $2 million business. The Aussie startup has expanded its network of job platforms and careers sites, bringing features including video interviewing, talent pooling, and candidate communication to a growing number of clients.

Baker and her cofounder Fiona Anson hope that hosting a HR Hackathon will prompt people to use design-thinking principles to look at the common practices and to challenge what has already been established in the human resource space.

The follow up event will be held at LinkedIn’s head office in Sydney next Thursday.

Image: HR Hackathon Event. Source: Supplied