My Work Phone transforms personal smartphones into cloud-based work phones

- February 29, 2016 3 MIN READ

Business owners usually juggle their lives between their personal and work phones. Two phones allow users to separate their work life from their personal life, but sometimes – particularly when workers are on the go – it would be handy if they could have all their details on the one phone without the hassle of switching between two separate devices.

The idea of of having a work phone on a personal device isn’t a new concept, with various apps allowing users to add a second number to their smartphone, however having contextual information and workplace management that any worker can tap into is a relatively new idea that Jessica Glenn and Linton Hart, cofounders of My Work Phone, are currently working on.

The startup has created an app that integrates business data and caller information into one system that all team members can access. The app transforms a user’s personal phone into a cloud-based business phone system. The management system can be downloaded onto a user’s smartphone, allowing users to switch between their personal and work life.

“Instead of having a desk phone on your desk it puts it in the palm of your hand in whatever mobile you’ve got,” explained Glenn.

“We’ve taken the idea of having the mobile and flexible workforce from the new players in the telephony industry, and we’ve taken the big data that you store and the customer data that you store with customer relationship management like Pipedrive or Insightly and we’ve just married the two together.”

The system allows businesses to add integrations such as their CRM or support software, providing their work team with contextual information before and during phone calls. For example, when a customer calls, the My Work Phone App lists the most relevant information of the person calling, including who they are, what they’re interested in, the last time they were contacted and any notes you may have on this particular caller.

My Work Phone leverages the customer data and uses predictive analytics to provide rich data of incoming calls and automatic caller information updating to keep track of customers.

Other features include call management and connecting each staff member’s phone to the same contact list and phone line. For example, when the office line rings all staff members are connected to the call simultaneously, allowing the team to decide who the best person for that call is. If one person in the group can’t take the incoming call it will be passed along to the next and so forth.

The system is already integrated with Pipedrive, with Zoho, Zendesk, and Salesforce soon to come.

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The system can be managed from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, giving workers access to all data in and out of the office. The dashboard is a simple design that allows users to control information, add notes, new numbers or staff with a few simple clicks. The app also gives users an option to show their availability, which can be switched on or off at any time, automatically diverting all calls to other staff members or directing calls straight to voicemail.

The mobile platform is currently available in iOS and will soon be released on Android. Users download the app and enter in their mobile number to set up their personal phone as a work phone. The app automatically grabs the company’s CRM data, syncing it across the work team. When new information is entered into the CRM that information is pushed into other team members phones so everyone is up to speed with their contact list.

Giving all team members access to the same information ensures that the company is responding to callers in the same way. The app links everyone to missed calls and updates information on who answered the call or what voicemail was left, ensuring that a team member responds. This response can be made from any worker’s phone, using any number that separates each phone from the main work number.

My Work Phone is offered as a subscription service of $10 a month, providing customers access to all features, connecting staff members to the company’s full contact list wherever they are in the world with an added bonus of no global roaming charges.

One of the major benefits of the cloud platform is that it is already available in 100 regions around the world. The app is currently available all over Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United States and parts of Southeast Asia. With limited resources the team are focusing on nailing the market in Australia and increasing their customer acquisition.

Glenn said, “We have limited resources as far as money goes so we can’t be advertising that yet but yes absolutely, once we nail down Melbourne we will be going after global domination.”

Image: Linton Hart and Jessica Glenn. Source: Supplied