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HealthEngine and HealthcareLink partner to increase support for healthcare sector

- February 16, 2016 2 MIN READ

Australian healthtech startups HealthcareLink and HealthEngine have announced a new strategic partnership, through which they aim to increase support for and the efficiency of healthcare and medical businesses. The partnership will enable medical practices advertised on HealthEngine, which allows patients to book appointments with doctors, to leverage HealthcareLink’s network to find the best suited candidate for their practice.

HealthcareLink is a job search platform built specifically for healthcare professionals, partnered with over 25 healthcare and medical recruitment companies around Australia. The new partnership with HealthEngine will see the startup provide more than 10,000 health practices that are currently registered with HealthEngine access to its platform.

Dr Marcus Tan, CEO and Medical Director of HealthEngine, said, “We are excited to bring this innovative recruitment solution to our clients, as it gives them a choice in how they source and recruit candidates for their growing practices.

“HealthcareLink presents an easily accessible alternative to traditional recruitment methods in the healthcare and medical industry by providing an open marketplace, a platform from which we see our clients greatly benefitting.”

In connecting patients and practices together, HealthEngine has become one of Australia’s most comprehensive online health directories, with over seven million unique visitors annually. Users can access the service via website or app to book appointments with GPs, dentists and other healthcare practitioners.

Dr Tan said that clients from HealthEngine can expect to greatly benefit from the partnership with HealthcareLink, as the company presents an easily accessible alternative to traditional recruitment methods.

Launched last year, HealthcareLink’s unique cloud based recruitment platform is open to businesses of all sizes in the healthcare and medical industry. The startup aims to break through inefficiencies that are inherent within the hiring and sourcing process of the industry.

Employees face a high cost of recruitment either through agencies or independent avenues. On the other hand health professionals face the challenge of not having a quality source of medical and healthcare jobs. With healthcare being one of the most regulated industries in Australia, employers are required to tick off many boxes before shortlisting a candidate. HealthcareLink has taken out the hassle of manual and time-consuming labour of filling in the resume and qualification gaps.

HealthcareLink’s CEO and founder, Kopi Nadarajah said, “We are proud to be partnering with HealthEngine in helping medical practices run their businesses more efficiently so they may continue doing what they do best – keeping Australian communities healthy.”

Image: Kopi Nadarajah. Source: Supplied