Brisbane startup Dog & Bone embarks on US expansion with Radioshack deal

- February 5, 2016 3 MIN READ

Brisbane tech startup Dog & Bone has announced their latest distribution deal with Radioshack, America’s leading electronics retailer. The partnership will give the startup exposure to 1,700 Radioshack stores in the US and is part of accelerating the roll-out of mobile innovations to global marketplaces.

Dog & Bone’s smart mobile technology including the LockSmart and Wetsuit Impact, a waterproof case with a flexible glass screen for the iPhone 6S & 6S Plus will be available in Radioshack stores throughout America. The deal has given the Aussie startup the opportunity to develop relationships with partners and distributors in new and existing markets around the world.

“People need to see the brand, know the brand, and touch and feel the brand, and now that we’ve got some major retail backing it definitely goes a long way to cementing the brand in the marketplace,” explains Dog & Bone marketing executive Scott McKenzie.

The deal comes off the back of a successful capital raise of $2 million from private investors in January 2015. The injection of capital funds helped Dog & Bone to develop and launch their first patented technology the LockSmart- a keyless bluetooth padlock.

Dog & Bone currently has a number of products including a wireless charging case that McKenzie believes is the world’s fastest wireless charging device, along with a range of waterproof products that give action sports consumers mobile device protection when they’re swimming and diving etc.

Lee Ranchod, founder and managing director of Dog & Bone says that the strategic retail distribution deal with RadioShack is a great fit for Dog & Bone.

He says,“US consumers are tech savvy, and love having the latest in mobile gadgetry. We get more public enquiry from the United States than any other market around the world.”

“RadioShack is the go-to store for tech needs in the US, and its considerable retail footprint will help drive the roll-out of our technologies to consumers here and make them readily available.”

McKenzie acknowledges that there are many players in the mobile and tablet space that are continually finding new and innovative technologies that enhance consumer experience. He believes however he feels that Dog & Bone are leading with new innovations in patterned designs.

“We feel that we probably at the moment in this space that are innovating more than anyone currently out in the market space,” he says.

The startup was first launched in three and a half years ago and since then has been launching new products every year to increase their consumer base and branch into the technology space. Their new LockSmart product tells users to throw away their keys and use their smartphones and bluetooth connectivity to open and close their smart lock.

“There’s nothing else out there in the world that currently does what our padlock does which means if you have a gardener who comes to your house on a Thursday or a Friday you can give them access to be able to access your house, your shed, garden shed, and you can take access away by using virtual keys,” says McKenzie.

Another Aussie startup Airbolt has developed a similar product that uses bluetooth and an app instead of lock keys. They however also use a tracking device to help consumers find lost luggage, which works in conjunction with the app that sends updates and alerts on the location of locked items.

This kind of technology is popping up all the time and only through global expansion and strategic partnership will companies stay afloat.  

Dog & Bone’s products are currently available in 69 countries and that number continues to grow.

“Obviously there’s still quite a bit more room for international expansion and we definitely want to be in a lot more regions across the world, and we want to grow those regions by having staff obviously on the ground in those regions, instead of a sales team in each region as well, they’ll grow and foster those regions that we want to get into,” says McKenzie.

“We’ve got some major major retailers coming onboard very shortly which is going to fuel our growth, extremely positive growth in the next twelve months. Also a lot of new innovations which we’ve been working on for quite a number of years that are now coming to a close, so we’ll be releasing more new technology before 2016.”

Image: Lee & Maria Ranchod. Source: Supplied