The new Startup Daily

- January 27, 2016 3 MIN READ

Technology platforms are – and should be – in a constant state of evolution. That is perhaps one of the biggest lessons I have learned since launching Startup Daily now four years ago this month, and it has made me a better product manager.

The reality is that, as a business, we are growing up. Some time between 2012 and now, we stopped being a ‘blog’ and became a ‘publication’ or ‘platform’ that many people use to keep up to date with the latest tech and innovation news in Australia and New Zealand. The new Startup Daily, which we officially launch today, reflects the changing expectations of our readers we’ve garnered from feedback and data that we look at on a daily basis to ensure we are delivering the best experience possible to our readers.

The latest version of the Startup Daily platform has been created with a few key things in mind:

A mobile first experience

Half of our readers engage with us everyday on their smartphones.

The new mobile version of our platform delivers a much better experience for these users. It is has a clean user interface and the stories are easy to read and engage with.

It was important for us that readers could engage with content with just one touch or scroll and do so no matter whether their mobile device operates on iOS or Android or is a smartphone or a tablet.

A balanced platform

When looking at design concepts for the new platform our priority was ensuring that, above everything, the ‘content’ was the hero. After all, that is why users visit come to Startup Daily.

As a source of inspiration we looked closely at other technology platforms that we know ourselves and our readers engage with on a daily basis. Websites like Medium played a large part in the way that we chose to lay out our articles in this redesign, keeping the page clean and free of clutter so that users can engage with the words, video, or audio content on the page uninterrupted.

Obviously, given that our platform is free for users, we have an obligation to make sure that we acknowledge and promote our partners on the platform; they allow us to keep the website going and growing.

Last year as an organisation we moved to a ‘content first’ advertising model. This means that we create bespoke content campaigns for technology brands and the advertising banners on the site are a secondary sell for us that we add-on to campaigns for our partners.

With this redesign it was important to us that we revamp the way we displayed sponsored content. In 2016 we will be doing a number of bespoke written and video content series with clients, and the goal was to make sure that, not only do we promote our partner brands, but that we also create a great content experience for our users so that our brand partners are engaged with us in a seamless and non-product-pushy manner.

Of course, we will continue to tweak as we learn, but I think that we have created a more ‘grown up’ version of Startup Daily that both our brand partners and users will be proud to be associated with.

More to come 

Keep an eye out for a couple of new features being added to the platform over the next couple of months, including our Startup Daily Insights page, where we have been tracking stats and information across the Australian and New Zealand startup ecosystems on a weekly basis.

We will also be launching our new event this year, Startup Daily x USA, where we will be taking a group of Aussie and Kiwi tech entrepreneurs to explore the Silicon Valley and New York startup ecosystems, meeting and mixing with some of the world’s best and brightest players in tech.